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Blameshifting is a pre-poll taster

As the DA and ANC bicker over who failed Alex, Malema gets a warning in

Despair drives #AlexShutDown

Women who have lived in the township for decades have no access to proper housing, services and politicians

Alex’s answer: Relocations

Town planners say the township’s infrastructure cannot support the number of people living there

What women want

There are more women registered to vote than men. In response, political party manifestos have increased their attention to gender issues.

Where voters  won’t come out to vote

Many citizens in the North West have lost faith in elections, saying they do not get what is promised

Winde ready to be premier

Despite being tagged ‘relatively unknown’, the Western Cape politician says his track record speaks for itself

We haven’t sidelined Zille – DA

There have been suggestions that Helen Zille has been sidelined from party activities, but the DA say that is not the case

Mayor may still be charged with murder

Hawks investigators appear to be preparing to once again charge Harry Gwala district mayor Mluleki Ndobe for his murder

SME airs dirty laundry on ‘fronting’

A small business is accusing a Bidvest-affiliated company of turning its partnership one-sided

Business partner accuses Razwinane of taking company money

His business partner has taken him to court alleging that he transferred their company’s money into his personal account

Gordhan subpoenaed over ‘rogue unit’

Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane has given Pravin Gordhan and Oupa Magashula seven days to reply to her questions to be submitted to her office by April 23

‘They got careers, I got a record’

#FeesMustFall sought free education for all, but it cost one of its champions his liberty

Slice of life: ‘Why me’ changed my life

Some events change a person’s life

A leap of faith in young people

Three religious political parties hope to rally the youth to get voted into the legislature

Elemental power is fuelling a new world order

Germany and China lead the way, and now South Africa is starting to see that renewable energy could be its ‘saviour’

Robben Island bones require a deeper dig

It has more than a 500-year history as a trading post, a leper colony and an island had also been used to house banished religious leaders


This is what it’s like waking up during surgery

General anaesthetic is supposed to make surgery painless.
But now there’s evidence that one person in 20 may be awake when doctors think they’re under


The doctors on Sudan’s front lines

Despite being targeted by the militia, medics have taken extraordinary risks to treat the wounded in historic protests

It’s too early to celebrate

People power can break a dictatorship – but what comes next?

Presidents for life spell danger

Algerian and Sudanese citizens have taken to the streets and Cameroon and Uganda may be next

Inga dam deal is a grand delusion

South Africa is bankrolling a huge hydroelectric project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo — but the risks are enormous and the benefits meagre

Parents of slain reporter want justice

Chris Allen was with the rebels when he was shot during a clash with the South Sudanese army


Rise of the new construction ‘mafia’

Are violent disruptions of infrastructure projects led by thugs or champions of change?

The heart of Maboneng beats on

Debt hit the original developer hard, but the district isn’t just waiting for the hammer to fall

Local market indicators shrug off bad news – for now

While the rand slipped below R14, RSA government bonds traded at yields not seen in 3 years and the JSE all-share closed at a 7 month high.

Boards can’t simply quit en masse

Any decision by directors to leave as a bloc has consequences that go beyond issues of liability

Comment & Analysis

End to freedom starts with burnt books

The test of your commitment to democracy comes when you encounter ideas that you disagree with

Editorial: ANC: Yes, but no, but yes …

The ANC’s communicators are either extremely confused and out of their depth or simply cannot keep up with their own spin — or worse, their lies.

Editorial: Revolutions don’t happen overnight

Omar al-Bashir may be gone, but the revolution has only just begun.

Letters to the editor: April 12-18

Our reader writes about BDS this week

Far-out tales from Zondo to Zuma

McBride’s history reads like a thriller and Gaddafi’s missing cash saga like a poor parody

Power dynamics in ANC will shift after the polls

Once the elections are over, the power blocs will change and new allegiances will be formed

Culture is a living, fragile construct

Three Africans with a mentality of abundance changed the mindset of Americans who hoarded

South Africa needs a Green New Deal

Opposition parties are locked in the past but don’t learn from it and have failed to develop policies for a current and future new world

Bolsonaro’s three-month rule a disaster

Even the rats are jumping ship as the economy flounders amid poor governance decisions

Grief is different for everyone

Some people need to seek professional help so that they can learn to accept the death of a loved one

Tyresome lower-case tornado

Tony Yengeni’s tweet implied Mashaba should be necklaced.
He has been widely criticised for this, and the DA has laid a charge.

World has failed to learn from Rwanda’s genocide

And yet, too often we are confronted with the shameful reality that the world has not learned the lessons of the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

‘What can you do for your country?’

Nelson Mandela University’s chancellor urges recent graduates to work for justice and equality in society


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this

The Portfolio: Oupa Nkosi

“I thought that by creating a ghostly image I would reflect what I was feeling inside me — a feeling heightened by the constant beating of the drum”.

‘Giyani’ translates to viewers

After what feels like forever, Xitsonga speakers get to see themselves represented on the small screen

Ek sê, give graffiti the kasi flavour

The Ubuhle Bendalo urban art residency furthered the subversion of the broken window theory

Botes takes on a giant subject

The artist uses his trademark comic-book style and a touch of Goya to address Marikana

Less stress more champagne

Bubbly flutes runneth over as demand for the glitzy beverage grows in black circles

A novel response to ‘Disgrace’

The author reimagines a voice and lets it fill the gaps of one of South Africa’s famous books


Development football’s icky years

For many South African boys — and increasingly girls — there’s only one answer to the age-old question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Everybody wants to be a footballer, to make a living doing what comes naturally on the playground. Where do you sign up? That’s the part that’s not entirely clear. Becoming a professional footballer is more than natural talent and hard work. It requires structure, support and dedicated teachers who are willing to sacrifice their own time to prop up the dreams of others, crucially from a young age. In this series, we look at what it takes to get to the highest level and at what avenues can help children climb that ladder. One way is to leverage talented youngsters into coaching clinic franchises via sponsorships.

Mthandi’s waiting in the wings

The young striker can play forward or run the flanks, and has the World Cup firmly in her sights

Sundowns shake the foundations

A convincing win over Africa’s premier heavyweight gives them a push to rattle football on the continent



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