Our photographic heritage is being stolen by pirates peddling ‘pictures of pictures’

The curious case of the municipal CFO with many lives

In a little municipality not so far away there was an accountant. He was given a cushy job and, less than 10 days into it, he signed off on payments of more than R2-million to companies that never provided the services they were paid for

KwaZulu coup bid halts ANC elections

Conferences are on hold after posturing of Zuma fans and Magashule’s provocative words

Slice of Life: A healing garden for black women

“Abortions are legal in South Africa.
You can terminate your pregnancy safely. Back then, I didn’t know this”

Free State ANC tramples on justice

Several cases involving party members point to the political silencing of their often poor opponents

‘White man said he found our land to build a school’

Despite a court ruling the descendants of labour tenant in Hilton have still not got their land back

Mlangeni unearths the land of his father

The Mlangeni family was about to give up on their mission to find their grandfather’s grave on the Free State farm when someone tripped over a gravestone concealed in the tall grass.

The national department says it is behind the Western Cape’s success – and it provides the funds.

Will the real DA please stand up?

In the hours following the Democratic Alliance’s federal congress last weekend, party leaders boasted that the party had emerged more united and diverse than ever, insisting that the party’s detractors would now be silenced

Gana says he’s simply the best

After being hailed as the man who helped the Democratic Alliance’s federal congress to avoid chaos over its debate on diversity, Makashule Gana believes he has proven himself capable of standing as the party’s candidate for Gauteng premier.

Public sector wage talks teeter on a knife edge

The department of public service and administration has launched a last-ditch effort to save the public sector wage talks, with labour federation Cosatu warning that it will not hesitate to go on strike.

Building board lines its pockets

A dossier makes allegations of members’ fees escalating and plans to outsource their own work

Pastors’ and healers’ prey get help

Support it on hand for those who have been sexauuly absued by the people they trust the most

Everything keeps going wrong for Lamberti

Mark Lamberti may have resigned as an Eskom board member, but he is under fire for holding on to the top job at Imperial.


A hospital to call home for Kenya’s Maasai

When TB strikes, the fight to live can come at the cost of a way of life for nomads. Could a home away from home ease the pain?


Can Southern Africa save the DRC?

President Joseph Kabila’s opposition want Cyril Ramaphosa and SADC to take a much stronger line

Parliament to quiz Mugabe over diamonds

MPs are due to grill the former leader on why mining corruption has cost Zimbabwe billions

Somalia’s new regime flounders

Infighting has plunged the federal government into disarray and exposed its dysfunction

Comoros uncovers massive passport fraud

Two former Comoros presidents are suspected of embezzling millions of dollars from a scheme that sold passports to foreigners to finance development in the Indian Ocean island nation.


Sagarmatha and other fairy tales

Iqbal Survé says his unicorn was tripped up by the big bad wolf of procedure in its quest to become SA’s next text giant.

VBS’s billion rand troubles laid bare

An alarming picture is rapidly emerging of poor management, suspect deposits and possibly fraudulent transactions.

Corruption laden Prasa chugs along

The agency has been sitting on damning report for a year and there’s still no sign of movement

Resilient’s accusers aren’t backing down

An independent investigation has cleared the Resilient Group of alleged misconduct but those who originally raised the alarm claim the truth is yet to come out.

World watches US-China trade spat

There will be positive spin-offs for countries such as South Africa but the overall global effect will be negative


Unplug me from fallacious arguments

The debate on race can only be meaningful if we listen and consider that we might be wrong

EDITORIAL: This spy nation urgently needs ghostbusters

It was surely the years spent in exile, on the run from apartheid’s spies and assassins, that engendered such a degree of paranoia in the ANC’s leadership of those years

OBITUARY: A leader with backbone

Zola Skweyiya and Chris Hani moved in parallel through the struggle. Both were born in 1942, both went into exile in 1963, both rose to powerful ANC office in the 1980s. But in other respects Skweyiya was nothing like the flamboyant Hani

Cruel reminder of all that he’s lost

A broken Edward Mpeko visits the remnants of his dream resort

Light a fire under SA’s climate policy

State inaction over global warming is increasing inequality in the country

Though laws might no longer be interpreted this way, women have always been powerful

Fifth Column: A little more hair on his chest, please

The sex doll, in its historical form, is an awkward blow-up thing barely resembling a human woman (I haven’t seen a male one). Moreover, it’s a thing that looks constantly surprised — its O of a mouth eternally open. Having any kind of sex with such a doll is surely rather like having sex with a lilo


The tale of Nomzamo in Azania

Winnie’s life could have been different; she reacted to the reality she was born into.

How do we write about Winnie’s life sympathetically?

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s legacy should not be reduced to the uncomplicated heroism that exemplifies today’s personality politics.

Winnie: Our Love Supreme

Bongani Madondo on the transitional path of Winnie Mandela from a Princess YamaNgutyana emaMpondweni into ‘Winnie The Great’

Slice of life: uMam’ Winne, a mother to all

I remember when Caster [Semenya] was being insulted and stuff, Mama was one of the few women who showed up for Caster, who stood there and said: “My child, you are beautiful as you are.”

No love lost: What Winnie hate says about us

The impulse to disparage the revolutionary exposes our own racism and sexism.

Cast the first stone: Our Mary Magdalene of the townships

A posthumous vulture feast to paint Winnie Madikizela-Mandela as a black nationalist loony and a woman of loose morals kicked into gear even before her body was cold, writes.

The woman who helped forge an icon

To understand Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s politicisation, one must go back to her makhulu.

Winnie and the politics of memory

We were totally unprepared to memorialise her. The Mother of the Nation deserved more from us.

The lovelight of Winnie Mandela

The parallel destinies of an artist and her muse are telling of the fate of women in struggle.

Like the glare of the sun

In the wake of the struggle icon’s death, Zaza Hlalethwa takes to the street to recover uMam’Winnie’s legacy.

Idolised, immobilised and vilified

Winnie Mandela threw in her


With an overhaul on the horizon after a dismal season, it’s time to step up and earn that black and yellow jersey.

Game plan: Sport in brief

Find out what happened in the sporting world this week

There’s a new captain on the field

Tokozile Xasa is quiet and steady, with a watchful eye, and being a woman is working in her favour