​Unembargoed: April 26 to May 3 2018

Outa governance is ‘out of line’

Duvenage’s spending on donations and advertising without consulting his board has caused a parade of execs to leave the anti-corruption watchdog

Saftu strike ‘threatens worker unity’

The strike was ignored by three other federations, who described the action as a miscalculation

No pedal to the metal as bus strike rolls on

Drivers and unions are fighting for wages, the rights of dual drivers and the foot-to-the-pedal rule, which they call exploitative

Slice of life: ‘Cooking has helped heal me’

“Cooking is my life. Other people want to cook for money or just to pass time or just for the sake of cooking.
When you cook for someone, you have to cook with love.”

Cyril ‘has no power’ to fire Supra

The beleaguered North West premier will have to answer to the ANC’s top six before facing its NEC

As premier hangs tough, delivery hangs in the balance

‘The pressure on Mahumapelo to step down is also not the first time attempts to unseat him have been made’

Presidency shake-up as JZ cronies leave

Deputy President David Mabuza is bringing top civil servants from his previous office as premier of Mpumalanga to bolster his team.

No relief for the Komape family

The judge dismissed their R2-million claim for constitutional damages, saying justice would be better served if all pupils had safe toilets

Tainted, but Rasool’s back with a bang

ANC poll czar in the Cape pins his hopes on Ramaphosa’s new dawn and the DA’s infighting

Boost for Zuma faction as KZN conferences are greenlit

The upcoming provincial and regional conferences have been given the go-ahead, giving the faction impetus in its bid to re-establish a base

The death penalty and judges who had to apply it

Franny Rabkin tracks down the court records of two young men sentenced to death by two very different judges

Would-be Xolobeni miner has ‘broken’ West Coast promises

The Australian mining company seeking the right to mine in Xolobeni in the Eastern Cape has been lashed for its treatment of a Western Cape community and accused of breaching its legal obligations.

Payback time for Ingonyama

The Ingonyama Trust Board (ITB) has been ordered by the Auditor General to pay Treasury the millions of rands in mining royalties it has been collecting since 1994.


North West: Why a bigger crisis looms

Provincial medicine shortages may be just the beginning

Aids and Gambia’s legacy of lies

Former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh will be the first African head of state to be tried for violating the rights of HIV-positive people


‘Zambia becoming another Zim’

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s months in jail have changed his priorities

Taste-testing Ethiopia’s first Pizza Hut

The chain is making inroads in Addis Ababa, but will it stand the test of time?

Tensions rise in Madagascar ahead of vote

Thousands of Madagascan opposition supporters returned to the streets on Monday to protest against the president

Somaliland may poison its holy grail

Independence is so close but Hargeisa may be sacrificing its values in its quest to achieve it


Steinhoff dances to zombie drums

The beleaguered retailer will struggle to get up off its knees under the weight of crushing bills

Shake up economy, says think-tank

South Africa must develop its production capacity and cut its reliance on resource exports, a report says

Minimum wage vs the robot age

As digital technology advances, World Bank argues for lower pay floors, combined with basic income grants and social insurance

‘Poverty wage’ meant to save jobs, says government

‘To avoid job losses, what do you do? You ensure that you create an environment that will sustain jobs’

Rural migrants better off in cities

Figures show that those who moved had a much better chance of escaping from poverty


Belonging and the impulse to let go

On a recent visit to his old boarding school, Kwanele Sosibo glimpsed his emotional backstory.

Mapping out the new Zim

The pan-African magazine marks the end of the Mugabe era as a moment of imaginative, if not political, liberation.

You didn’t hear wrong

Okay Wasabi’s parodies, sparked by misheard lyrics, put an absurdist spin on local hip-hop culture.

The house that women built

Women vocalists are getting the credit they deserve from house vocalist Jackie Queens

The gods inside

Akwaeke Emezi’s powerful debut novel offers a complex vision of the trans self, inspired by Igbo cosmology.

Names of the nation, annotated

It’s more than a collection of South African names; this dictionary expands African knowledge systems

Ssh! I’m cooking up a storm

I was swooning even before I got there — about the fact that I needed to follow written directions, because the place isn’t listed on Google Maps.

Reading between the lives

The National Library of South Africa is marking its 200th birthday with a beguiling revelation of its treasures, writes Cayleigh Bright

Great shots, but a bit off target

A grand cinematic experiment, Five Fingers for Marseilles fails to resolve its themes as a South African western


White women, black men: Same WhatsApp group

The position of white Afrikaner women and black men illustrates the limitations of a binary view

Editorial independence is sacred

Last Friday, several titles in the Independent stable published front-page reports, with a “Staff Writer” byline, that smeared journalists

Letters to the Editor: April 26 to May 3

Our readers write in about Unfreedom Day and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Supra’s doing a Daddy on us

And Ace says all’s on track; the regional and provincial conferences will happen (sometime)

Address youth’s concerns and they’ll vote

They are concerned about unemployment, don’t trust political leaders and feel excluded

Corporal punishment feeds the violence in society

The high court judgment in the case of YG versus the State in 2017 banned corporal punishment in the home, which, in effect, bans it in all places

Motherhood be damned

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s death illustrates how society defines and judges women — by their biological function

Fifth Column: Spooky! It was the goofy lad

Everyone having apparently gone Stratcom-befok in the past few weeks, I find myself thinking back to those long-gone days when we toiled at this newspaper under the shadow, and doubtless the watchful eyes, of the apartheid security state.

No tidy truths in the post-colony

Recent debate exposes both student activists’ and academics’ blind spots on decolonisation

Free State university decries financial exclusion article

UFS has rejected the perception created by Thato Rossouw in ‘The cold shadow of exclusion’


Blame game won’t stop hooligans

Getting to the root cause of football fans going wild goes beyond policing, but no one’s looking

The tries that defined Habana

The record-breaking wing will be remembered as one of South Africa’s greatest rugby players

Salah’s on a magic carpet ride

Whisper it, but Liverpool’s red-hot Egyptian is now a dark horse for the Ballon d’Or



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