​Unembargoed: February 23 to March 1

Marikana talks stagger on

Those negotiating for miners’ families say the state has been nothing but bloody-minded

Reshuffle: Whose heads will roll?

Has Malusi Gigaba done enough to evade the axe? We may just see several familiar faces returning to Cabinet

Slice of life: I took a walk in my slippers

After debating intensely with myself, I decided to let go of my heels and comfortably walk around in my slippers and actually show the world the mess I felt like.

Zwane and his charter may be toast

Mining communities and industry want the minister’s charter scrapped and talks restarted

I’m not a pilchard, I won’t live in a tin’

Residents facing eviction from their Woodstock homes “have no right or entitlement” to be accommodated at a location of their choice, says the lawyer representing the City of Cape Town.

KwaZulu-Natal ANC at peace – for now

The brewing insurrection in KwaZulu-Natal against the decision to recall former president Jacob Zuma has been quelled.

SA revels in its own superhero moment

From comics to movies, the representation of Africans in popular culture has set the world abuzz

Queer – and proud to be Xhosa

The furore over the film Inxeba has cast a light on men who are gay but deeply committed to their culture

VAT hike is not a done deal – Carrim

A proposed hike in the VAT rate will be closely interrogated by Parliament before it is accepted, according to ANC MP and chairperson of the standing committee on finance, Yunus Carrim.

Land reform a podium pipe dream

The ANC’s renewed commitment to land expropriation without compensation may be more political posturing— making it a podium pipe dream.

Police stonewall political killings at Moerane commission

Rather than providing the Moerane commission with detailed responses to months of witness claims of complicity, the SAPS brass gave bureaucratic responses and defended the role of the police.

Mabuyane’s ‘hostile takeover’ train halted in its tracks

The Eastern Cape’s Joe Gqabi region has objected to the provincial executive committee’s request for a reshuffle of Premier Phumulo Masualle and members of his Cabinet, following new chairperson Oscar Mabuyane’s swearing-in on Monday.

Cyril’s rule: Fit, fab and faultless?

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s message this week was emphatic: there will be no more man-boobs flapping in his wind of change.

The world’s taps are rapidly running dry

The world has abundant fresh water but it is unevenly distributed and under increasing pressure, United Nations agencies say, as highlighted by the drought in Cape Town.

Deaf pupils cheer sign of the times

It was nine years ago when a brave deaf teenager went to court to force government to recognise South African Sign Language as a subject in school. Now, matric students will be able to take it as a subject.

Will Selfe tighten his grip on DA?

James Selfe says the DA will have “strategic challenges” now that Cyril Ramaphosa is president, but his party’s fight against corruption won’t stop now

Zuma-free campaign could prove tough for opposition

A Zuma-less future could put pressure on opposition parties to reconfigure their strategies ahead of the 2019 elections.

Asbestos curse continues to kill as ex-miners fight for compensation

In the Northern Cape, former mineworkers and their families live with lung-destroying diseases and barely survive financially.
Lucas Ledwaba explores the reality of their poverty and untimely deaths.


Vaccines in the time of cholera: Inside the new fight against an old foe

Why the world is just waking up to the power of immunisation to tackle this infectious disease and how we’re learning more with every rainy season.


Rwanda slashes infant death rate

Rwanda has slashed infant mortality. Rumana Akoob travelled there to see how they did it.

Don’t underestimate Ethiopia’s crisis

Ethiopia’s ruling elite aren’t sure if they can contain the growing political crisis. Read Simon Allison’s analysis from Addis Ababa.

Tsvangirai left an incomplete legacy

Morgan Tsvangirai was the hope of many Zimbabweans and the man Mugabe feared most, but he failed at the last hurdle


Budget 2018 is Zuma’s costly legacy

Thank the past president for the increase in value-added tax and the drastic cuts in expenditure.

SOEs could undo the best laid plans

In the 2018 budget tabled by Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba, he made the point that state-owned entities still represent one of the largest, if not the largest, threat to the government’s carefully laid financial plans

Fallists ponder sustainable higher education

“The budget statement merely says that policy decisions concerning historic debt, adjustment of the family income threshold as well as interventions to decrease dropout rates and the construction of student housing will be taken in due course.”

The poor don’t get to study for free

Spending cuts and VAT increase mean everyone will contribute to free higher education

Small business gets a bit of a helping hand

A fund with an allocation of R2.1-billion over the medium term is being developed to benefit small and medium enterprises, Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba announced during his maiden budget speech .

Dodging the credit ratings wrecking ball

The budget should placate ratings agencies, but analysts say we need solid political leadership and policy reforms to evade full-blown junk status

State relies on VAT to plug holes

Critics dismiss treasury’s claims that the increase in value-added tax is the best way forward

Parched areas get R6bn for aid and water infrastructure

With severe drought conditions affecting large parts of the country and placing extreme strain on the supply of water for nearly four million Capetonians, Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba set aside R6‑billion to mitigate the effects of the drought.

Gigaba talks the talk on public sector corruption

Renewed vigour to tackle corruption head on was apparent in the treasury’s 2018 Budget, tabled by Minister Malusi Gigaba in Parliament.

A case of talk left, budget right

The labour movement and others criticise the budget for its increase in value-added tax, which will negatively affect the poor, and for making made no substantive inroads on wealth tax.

What the lay of the land may be

Whatever route the ANC goes, a balance has to be found between property rights and restitution.


No, minister. Increasing VAT was avoidable

Instead of hitting low earners hard, the budget should have raised wealth and corporate taxes.

Editorial: Good budget or bad, together we can do more

Malusi Gigaba should be given a role in Generations or the like — something with a part for a stylish smoothie. He certainly is a good actor, performing this year’s budget with conviction

EDITORIAL: Hofmeyr? Seriously?

What was Afrikaans Sunday paper Rapport thinking? Getting the notorious racist and bad singer Steve Hofmeyr to write an analysis piece about South Africa’s new president and the putting out to pasture of the old one was not a terribly good idea.

Zuma’s last outpost is defiant

“The ANC’s national leadership was never going to let Daddy finish his term. They couldn’t.

Daddy’s an embarrassing liability to the ANC.”

Cyril, the purple shall govern

As I end this letter, I am watching you take an early-morning walk, urging South Africans to be fit for purpose. I am sending messages to all my friends, saying: “Walk the talk with President Ramaphosa!” Let’s do it, literally and figuratively.

Give alliance partners teeth so the ANC can govern better

Clear policy, coupled with a push to identify high-impact projects, will accelerate change

New dawn, old problem: Our electoral system is still flawed

The ANC — not the Constitutional Court, nor the Economic Freedom Fighters, nor the Mail & Guardian nor the South African citizenry — brought Zuma’s calamitous and corrupt reign to an end.

Answer our dreams, Mr President

The hope of a new country ushered in by President Cyril Ramaphosa brings joy, but the road to achieving the changes required for a just and equal society is a long, hard one.

SA economist whose work went global wrote with deep idealism

OBITUARY: Sampie Terreblanche’s name will live on in the hearts and minds of social scientists, economic justice activists and perhaps even a few guilt-ridden politicians.

Trans people have regrets too

The uproar over research about those who rue having a surgical transition obscures real issues

FIFTH COLUMN: How to fill an a-hole’s budget hole

“Two more great ways to fill your personal budget hole up are to up revenue or increase your ROI (return on investment), provided you have an “I” to start with. Failing that, you can up revenue by working yourself to the bone.”

Teachers, pull yourselves together and prepare your lessons

Educators need to stop playing victim and plan to teach in less favourable conditions


Black Panther is more than just representation

“In Black Panther there are nuanced characters. Even the Killmonger cannot be hated. Indeed, in a conversation with a friend, he is a villain I could defend. After all, he won the throne fairly.”

Our stories adorn us

The meaning of traditional attire is being lost. But does it matter? Gogo Jessie Mabona thinks it does.

Who is more sci-fi than us?

It’s a genre that can’t exist without the spectre of blackness. Black Panther gets this.

isiZulu literature gets a boost

A couple have made it their mission to see more new work published in book form

Artist tells what we have done

A US museum has given Gunn-Salie the chance to realise an idea and take the message to the world

‘Is fokol is nex’: The South Western side of life

Go through the weekly tribulations and Sunday morning redemptions in Mapetla, Soweto with Tshepiso Mabula’s creative non-fiction.

The evergreen uKhahlamba

From Bergville, a verdant town on the nose of KwaZulu-Natal, to uKhahlamba-Drakensberg. In Friday this week we take a picturesque road trip with S. Mnisi Mzolo.


Football fans tune in to Salah

But it’ll take more than the celebration of a Muslim player to kick prejudice out of the game

Sarri given room to light up in Leipzig

Chain-smoking Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri expressed his gratitude to RB Leipzig bosses for building a room in which he could puff away this week as his team attempted to overturn a 3-1 deficit in their Europa League tie.

Da Gama dreams big with his Lions

Highlands Park won’t be content with the PSL– it’s the Champions League they’re eyeing



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