Slice of Life: Unwittingly in my dad’s footsteps

I really enjoyed that [watching a movie for the first time] and thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of power.” People were there, paying money, to be moved by someone’s voice. I was just fascinated by that idea.

Even Zuma’s hometown

The current media frenzy surrounding President Zuma and his exit has not made its way to his hometown of Nxamalala where residents are divided over his fate.

Ancient water could solve modern crisis in Cape Town

Caron von Zeil, a Cape Town water activist, believes the ancient water flowing from Table Mountain could help lessen the pressure on the city’s demand.

Shack fires bring more legal woes for De Lille

Up in flames: Mayor Patricia de Lille’s corruption accuser says his issue with her is not political, it’s about shack fires and her failure to prevent them.

Buyel’Ekhaya in Lotto millions pickle

The National Lotteries Commission explains why a little NGO— which had never received funding before— could get R6-million which eventually made its way to the mega festival, Buyel’Ekhaya.

ConCourt to hear ‘orphan’ pension funds scandal case

The ConCourt is to hear the case of a whistle-blower who accused the Financial Services Board of “unlawfully” cancelling pension funds believed to total more than R20-billion.

ConCourt asked to hear Overvaal case

The Gauteng department of education filed papers to the ConCourt this week to appeal last month’s ruling that Hoërskool Overvaal does not have the capacity to convert to a dual-medium school in order to enrol 55 English-speaking pupils.

Zuma goes down laughing— at us

“In the Zuma era, and particularly in its second half, both the ANC government and the body politic of this country have been suffering the symptoms of morbidity.”

Brace for one more week before Zexit

With the cards stacked against President Zuma, the question everyone is asking is: When exactly will he step down? Speculation is rife that Zuma will resign this weekend but according to insiders, only after the Feb 17 NEC meeting

ANCYL begins naming presidential candidates ahead of NEC

‘’The most dangerous thing about national conferences of the ANC, and the ANCYL, is when people start nominating before processes open”— ANCYL national spokesperson Mlondi Mkhize.

Jazz fest arrest ‘no coincidence’

Supporters of KZN ANC provincial task team head Mike Mabuyakhulu have expressed suspicions of the circumstances and timing of his arrest on charges of fraud.

‘DA needs new strategy in KZN’

Mbali Ntuli is set to shake up the province to win support, ruffling a few feathers in the process

Owner of ruined resort sues Ingonyama Trust

A KZN South Coast resort owner who was forced out of his business because of a dispute with a local traditional leader is suing the Ingonyama Trust Board for R6.5-million in damages.


‘Cancer I could deal with.
Losing my breast I could not.’

‘Cancer I could deal with. Losing my breast I could not.’ Why a mastectomy may not be the only option for some cancer patients, via Bhekisisa.


The messy battle for Harare East

Harare East may be Zimbabwe’s richest and most influential constituency and because of the concentration of political and economic power in this part of the country, elections are always closely watched — and tightly fought.

Mnangagwa can win without rigging the elections

“Mugabe’s Zanu-PF was infamous for rigging elections and making a mockery of Zimbabwe’s democracy. If the first post-Mugabe vote is different, this will set a precedent that will be hard to reverse later.”

There are better ways for SA to assist South Sudan than military cooperation

Law of the gun: South Sudanese soldiers and commanders responsible for the forcible recruiting of thousands of children and other grave human rights abuses may be eligible to receive training from South Africa.

Mob justice grips central Nigeria

Mob justice: In the heart of Gboko’s main market in central Nigeria, the stains where seven men were burned alive are still visible. Their crime? Having “light skin and looking like Fulanis”.

Guinea pleads for calm after 7 people die in post-election violence

Presidential elections in Guinea in 2010 and 2015, as well as a legislative ballot in 2013, were marred by violence and fraud accusations and now, the country’s 2018 local elections are following suit.


PIC caught up in Eskom’s woes

PIC’s decision to extend a R5-million bridging loan to Eskom appears to have walked a fine line when it comes to the rules governing the management of public servants pensions.

Highveld Steel ticks over, gearing up to rise once again

An innovative business rescue has preserved an asset that would be impossible to restart, in hopes that the commodity cycle will swing up again

Looting of Africa calls for action

Top-down regulatory measures come to naught, so the battle must be fought from the bottom up


A letter to my Xhosa fathers and brothers

“Finally, if a film shows people falling in love and the executive director of Man and Boy Foundation thinks this is wrong, one wonders what his foundation is teaching boys. How can love be wrong?”

A requiem for African identity

It is a feat to have a Mass that draws from a rich but distorted past to create a new musical canon

Gloves off as Vhembe and Comedy Central slug it out

Traditional leaders and local producers say a doctored clip insulting musangwe fighting is racist and demeaning

The mystical everyday

Owning African mysticism: Zaza Hlalethwa reviews the cartoon ‘The Adventures of Noko Mashaba’ as the future of African narratives in the digital age.

The fight against the extinction of fiction

Jacana’s new imprint, Storied, will only publish African fiction in English, becoming the first to do so. It’s singular focus on fiction and developing writers and editors will also distinguish it from Jacana’s other imprint, BlackBird Books.

Only fools pray for rain, they say

The physical predicaments we experience go far further than what our conditioned minds perceive.

When tapas tap your wallet dry

Restaurant review: We could say ancient Indians invented portion control and smoothie bowls. But we don’t need to go around Columbising like that. Dinika Govender claps back at appropriation.


Cyril’s ANC won’t save South Africa

The Ramaphosa faction is invested in accumulation through the market and has no vision for the impoverished masses

Editorial: Zuma won’t be taking his mess with him

“We must be clear: Zuma should have resigned a long, long time ago. He has been at the helm of abuses of the state and has now effectively rendered South Africa rudderless.”

Disagreement cannot extend to censorship

Inxeba is the collaborative work of some of the best of South Africa’s writers, actors, musicians and filmmakers and the film presents us with a view of ourselves in which we are brave enough to face what is difficult.

Life’s a beach when you’re Daddy

“The only thing the ANC wants Daddy’s signature on right now is on his letter of resignation. Or on the employee section of his “don’t come Monday” letter if he doesn’t go by himself.”

Water crisis: Look to SA’s renewable energy programme for solutions

In seeking solutions for the current water crisis, Cape Town and other drought-prone areas should learn from the experiences of SA’s renewable energy programme, which worked with the private sector to produce electricity alongside Eskom.

I’m alright, Jack — I’ve got a borehole

“How many of us have any serious knowledge of the local dams, the catchment areas and what’s done to water before it gets into our bathtubs?”

What about the day after Day Zero?

Panicked Capetonians are asking the wrong question. The issue is not when Day Zero will see their taps turned off. That won’t happen this winter. They should be asking: What will happen next summer?

The judgments that will shape SA’s constitutional democracy in 2018

From Jacob Zuma to Steinhoff, the National Prosecuting Authority has its work cut out for it. But can it rise to the occasion?

We have created a monster in the internet machine

What has made internet platforms so profitable has also left them vulnerable to manipulation by malign actors

Motherhood’s vexing seclusion

“When DJ Zinhle went back to work three weeks after giving birth, I recall people being all up in arms wondering, “OMG, what about the baby?” and I thought it was silly as hell.”

FIFTH COLUMN: The state of the nation’s pressers

“Of the three pressers, the Cape Town presser is, by this estimation, aloof, disconnected and indifferent and, quite frankly, in a sorry state.”

Innovative pioneers of early learning

Last year, programmes by the Early Learning Resource Unit in the Western Cape, Northern Cape and North West reached 9 391 children, 632 fieldworkers and 75 early childhood development centres.


Winter Games marred by doping cloud

With its lengthy history of drug cheats, the Winter Olympics is working hard to clean up its act.

Time to give Banyana some love

South Africa has a strong women’s side, so why aren’t they getting the props they deserve?