ANC ‘split’ over Supra replacement

The top six are said to want different candidates for North West premier, along factional lines

New panel to reboot SA’s African Renaissance status

South Africa’s foreign policy agenda is due for a massive overhaul, with a possible return to the era of pan-African politics exemplified by former president Thabo Mbeki’s administration

Mabe tied to R49m North West tender

Despite his patent and business links with trustees, the ANC official says he’s innocent

Slice of life: Mom worked so hard for me

The sacrifices of a mother are endlessly inspiring

Silicosis: Too late for some as gold mines pay up

Impoverished families will have some relief after a class action against 29 mining firms succeeds

Suffering litigants rejoice over mining houses’ R5-billion silicosis settlement

Mthobeli Gangatha has learnt to accept that nothing, not even part of the R5-billion settlement announced by lawyers, will ever reverse his condition

Maimane betrayed me – De Lille

The former Cape Town mayor says the DA has inflicted damage on itself by targeting her

Party digs in on former mayor

Although the DA made De Lille an offer to keep her council seat open for 90 days, the party has now said it will not allow her back on its benches

Eight years for striking one match

A student arrested during the #FeesMustFall protest in 2016 is fighting his ‘harsh’ sentence

Unions take on ‘unsafe’ mining sector

The tragedy at Sibanye-Stillwater has sparked outcry about flouted safety regulations on mines

Local officials destroy the fields of  dreams with callous disregard

When people start protesting, barricading the streets and burning public buildings and councillors’ homes, it is usually the final, frustrated action of those who have been trying to approach their local government to make it accountable


Abandoned babies: ‘A good week is two, a bad week is around four’

Moms who discard their newborns feel unsupported, often by the very professionals meant to counsel them


Remembering a warlord democrat

Afonso Dhlakama, the Mozambican rebel leader, was a quixotic, charismatic figure

IMF to Africa: Put away the credit cards

Ballooning national debt threatens to precipitate another sub-Saharan debt crisis

Zanu-PF: Military versus civilians

New factions are emerging in the ruling party as it prepares for national elections in either July or August


Parties need to dance to the coalition tune

The ‘big three’ parties are floundering but the little ones are gaining huge political clout

EDITORIAL: Serial wrongdoers get away with it

An often cited definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

EDITORIAL: Kick the credit habit, Africa

‘Like a compulsive shopper using one credit card to pay off another, too many African governments are taking on too much debt far too casually’

Letters to the editors: May 11 to 17

Our readers write in about carbs, judges and the abuse of women

Law demands creative rethinking

The outcome of the Michael Komape case illustrates the need for judges to break new ground to realise the democratic contract

The will to live drives Palestinians

Unarmed people under siege in Gaza face Israeli soldiers and Trump’s threat to Resolution 194

Why must court be best defence from defence force dark arts?

The judge ordered that they return to their homes or that the military provide alternative accommodation

Semenya and the ethics of luck

There is no such thing as a level playing field and all the best athletes enjoy biological and nonbiological advantages

Figureheads won’t help women

It takes political mobilisation, education, laws and economic opportunities

Fifth Column: Nine and a half weeks in Vodahell

‘For a communications company, Vodacom is exceptionally bad at communicating’


Mandela a lodestar for ‘his’ varsity

The university’s new chancellor draws on her personal links with uTata to drive her mission

Market affects students’ lives

The state should intervene and rezone suburbs to lower property prices and rent


Lofty expectations for twin peaks

But better regulation of SA’s financial services industry could mean higher bank charges

Battered KPMG stays afloat

Its South African business may face challenges but globally it will remain a major operation

South Africa, mind the pay gap

Disclosing the ratio of worker to executive pay may show the full extent of our wage inequality

Auditing firms need an overhaul

Organisations and people depend heavily on audit reports, which is why they have to be trustworthy


The bitter pill of standing your ground

I knew I wasn’t over it when a tear cascaded out of my right eye in the depth of the night as we flew over the Algerian mountains towards home

The art of taxi art

The everyday experiences of commuters and the taxi industry are being reflected in public spaces through murals, artworks and dance

Childish Gambino shows us America

It starts in a well-lit, empty hangar, with only a guitar placed on a chair

Following the music on roads less travelled

Border-hopping Fifi the Raiblaster and Mr Freddy experience the lows and highs that disparate audiences can bring

Double consciousness

British writer Nikesh Shukla’s second novel, Meatspace, opens with an arresting line

Ancestry: The ultimate selfie

A quick DNA test at the Origins Centre in Jo’burg can show you just how insignificant you are

Intimate images from an activist photographer

Omar Badsha may never get the same recognition that many of our struggle and documentary photographs have

In the heart of Africa’s Eden

The sights, history and people of Venda – almost too amazing to put into words – lure us from the beaten track


Top four race dies with a whimper

After a tough battle, Chelsea’s already slim Champions League hopes are lying in tatters

Nike just did it: More execs booted for workplace discrimination

Nike has dismissed more executives as it tries to address a workplace culture marred by sexual harassment and bullying, embarrassing a brand that projects itself as promoting equality and empowerment

Too much white in Saru’s colour mix

The problem is that too little is being done at the under-18 level to tap into the black resource pool

Big stakes in final PSL weekend

As the league draws to a close, the battle to avoid relegation will offer fans quite a fill

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