The ANC has given South Africans a glimpse of what President Jacob Zuma might deliver in his State of the Nation address (Sona) on Thursday. 

Just hours before the president’s speech, the party will host a people’s assembly and will  present its wish list for government in a 12-step agenda.

A pamphlet promoting the ANC’s people’s assembly shouts “Radical economic transformation now!!!” in bold lettering. Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula shared an image of the pamphlet on his social media pages.

“Our main objective remains the liberation of Blacks in general and Africans in particular,” the pamphlet distributed by the ANC says.

The party says that radical economic transformation entails transformation in institutions, systems and the economy to allow the inclusion of all South Africans and “especially the the poor, the majority of whom are African and female”.

To implement that vision, the ANC has outlined 12 “urgent tasks” that government must undertake as quoted in the pamphlet:

Return the land to the people using Constitutional means

2. Invest money in township and rural communities and ensure building of post-apartheid cities in rural areas and vibrant businesses in the townships

3. No less than 30% of all government spending must go to black businesses and small, medium and micro enterprises

4. Massive roll-out of broadband infrastructure, ensuring connectivity of schools, universities, hospitals, police stations, and other public spaces

5. Implement the Maputo Declaration and ensure 10% of GDP goes to agricultural development

6. Turn South Africa into a construction site, deliver water, sanitation, roads, electricity, and houses

7. Diversify ownership in the financial services sector, licence the Post Bank, introduce new players, and transform the industry in favour of the people as a whole

8. Finalise the national minimum wage to give income security to all the people

9. Increase the requirement for black ownership in mines, ensure that a significant amount is in the hands of the workers, and advanced local beneficiation

10. Implement free higher education for the poor and produce no less than 5 000 PhDs per annum by 2030 and urgently generate more artisans

11. Review SA’s trade policies to prioritise national interest and support and promote local businesses

12. Mercilessly deal with corruption, fighting both the tigers and the flies

Mbalula addressed media in Cape Town on Tuesday, saying that the party had been granted permission by the City of Cape Town to host the assembly at the Grand Parade near Parliament. He confirmed that Zuma would attend the assembly to greet supporters, but would not “bore people with two speeches”.

The sports minister said the highlight of Sona will be the president’s speech. But will Number One tackle land ownership and economic transformation to South Africans’ satisfaction.