Dear Mail & Guardian iPad subscribers

Firstly, thank you for purchasing the Mail & Guardian on a platform that suits you – and for being willing to support quality journalism. Readers like you make what we do possible. 

As part of the measures the M&G has adopted to better navigate an increasingly tough financial media environment, we will be putting out a simpler version of our tablet edition from next week.
But you will still receive quality M&G stories, photographs and more delivered to your tablet every Friday. 

Logistical setbacks during the changeover to this system unfortunately meant that the M&G tablet edition for last week, October 2, was not sent out. We have now rectified that error. You will continue receiving the new, simpler version of the tablet edition from Friday. 

We trust that you will continue to read us on the platform that suits you best. If you have any questions or feedback kindly email us on: [email protected]

Verashni Pillay

M&G editor-in-chief