AfriLabs welcomes 5 new board members

African tech hub association AfriLab has announced the addition of five representatives from various technology hubs around the continent to its board.

The AfriLabs network of tech hubs includes BongoHive in Zambia,iHub in Kenya, Wennovation Hub in Nigeria andThe Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in Ghana.

The organisation used the re:publica conference in Berlin to welcome the new board members.

“I’m pleased to announce that our new board members are Lynn Sellanga from Nailab (Kenya); Andriankoto Ratozamanana from Habaka (Madagascar); John Matago from iBizAfrica (Kenya); Barbara Birgungi from Hive Colab (Uganda) and Michael Oluwagbemi from Wennovation Hub (Nigeria),” said AfriLabs director Tayo Akinyeymi.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock



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