THE African National Congress (ANC) in KwaZulu-Natal has all but finalised its contentious local government candidate list selection process.

Addressing the media in Durban on Wednesday‚ provincial ANC secretary Super Zuma said: “There are still pockets of concerns and complaints in some few wards which the provincial list committee is tasked with resolving.

“It is our considered view that the selection process has gone very well except in a few areas that require the attention of the movement.”

Membership in the province’s 11 regions is the biggest in the country.

Mr Zuma said branches selected four prospective candidates from each ward to present to their communities. Their names could not be revealed until the national list conference‚ a date for which has not been announced.

He said in most wards‚ members either proposed candidates or asked the ANC to exercise its prerogative, which the party welcomed. In other instances, the communities rejected all four candidates.

“As the movement of the people, we are committed to ensuring that the final list of our candidates will reflect the democratic will of our people‚” he said.

Mr Zuma said the completion of this process had allowed the party to enter into a second phase of the local government elections campaign which was the launch of its provincial manifesto.

The provincial manifesto would be launched in Newcastle in the next two weeks.

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