Tingo Mobile has launched Market Box Nigeria, an app seeking to provide security solutions to aid in the fight against violence against women in Nigeria.

The company said the mobile app was developed in partnership with the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) to fight the scourge of insecurity and all forms of violations against women, as well as providing women with access to information.

Uwa Obaze, managing director of Tingo Mobile, said Market Box Nigeria would provide security solutions particularly for women and youths.

“The Market Box will empower women and youths in business and make the latest mobile technology and applications available to them thus creating at least five million new opportunities,” he said.

Onyeka Onwenu, director general of NCWD, said the app would help address some of the security challenges faced by women and positively impact their lives.

“We are going to emphasise the use of these phone applications. With the security situation in the country especially in the North East, I hope the security agents are listening to us and that we can all put our heads together to see how best we can utilise this application,” Onwenu said.