DA takes to the streets to demand jobs

A sea of blue made its way through the streets of Johannesburg on Wednesday morning, as DA supporters marched for jobs. 

Senior Democratic Alliance members, including party leader Mmusi Maimane, led the procession, which began at the Westgate transport hub. 

What appeared to be camera suspended on a wire moved over the heads of marchers as they held aloft placards with slogans like “DA for jobs” and “Vote for change”. 

Maimane read from cue cards while looking into a camera during the march. 

Earlier a plane flew overhead pulling a DA banner with the message “Together for jobs”.  Some danced and sang struggle songs. Others made their displeasure with President Jacob Zuma clear by singing “Fokof Zuma”.
The thousands ranged from youngsters in their 20s, to men and women in their 50s and 60s.   Some women in the crowd said they were taking part in the march because they wanted to see their children getting jobs and helping their families.  When Maimane arrived before the march, he danced and high-fived some of the marchers. 

As the crowd make its way through the streets, people came out of office buildings to witness the spectacle. – News24



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