Ebola Facts website launched to educate public on ebola prevention

Nigerian publishing house Big Cabal Media has launched an educational website focusing on informing the public about Ebola prevention as the virus spreads across West Africa.

The website, www.EbolaFacts.com, provides information on the symptoms of ebola, explains what the virus actually is, hopes to dispel false information and myths, as well as explains how the virus is transmitted, in a manner accessible to local communities.

Big Cabal Media said the website has already gained 600,000 visitors since its launch, and has been seen on Facebook 850,000 times.

“With the launch of Ebola Facts, we’re tackling an age-old problem of containing a deadly virus with 21st century technology,” said Dr. Seyi Taylor of Big Cabal Media.

“Millions of Africans are now regular internet consumers and see it as a first point of call for medical information. Ebola Facts was designed to be easily accessible, on all tech platforms – mobile being the no. 1 platform here on the continent – and, importantly, free,” Taylor said.

“We’re hoping that people share this potentially life-saving information as part of the global effort to contain and kill this ebola outbreak.”

Big Cabal Media said the website was designed and built in 24 hours in order to provide a quick response to the growing concern surrounding Ebola, and taps into the preference across West Africa to search for Ebola-related information online.

“Technology is a great enabler, for commerce, for social interaction and we hope, with Ebola Facts, for healthcare. We’re been contacted by government officials and medical professionals, who are very excited about the fact that young Africans are finding new and innovative ways of reaching out to as many people as possible to help save lives,” Taylor said.

Content from the Ebola facts website has been developed into fliers, newspaper ads and digital billboards; while work is also underway to translate the website into a number of regional languages including French, Swahili, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Pidgin.

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