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Diversity – dump it. Hedging – forget it. If you could double your money in three months at the risk of losing 25% of it, would you take that bet? Michel Pireu investigates the wild world of gonzo investing.

A gonzo approach to investinglunchbox

In case you missed it, Gareth van Onselen writes in a long-form essay about the creation of Cape Town’s coalition government in 2006 under the title 15 days in March. The story is fascinating in its own right, but it may be more significant that it seems for local politics now, since the 2016 local government elections could throw up a whole new range coalition wrestling matches.

Anatomy of a coalition coup: Are there lessons ahead of the August election?

Business executives are often criticised for the huge amounts they earn, but how many earn $170m a year? This is what the world highest-paid celebrity earned, and she is, you guessed it, Taylor Swift

WATCH: These are the world’s 10 highest paid celebrities

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We are in the midst of a fundamental change in the values of journalism – a consumerist shift. Instead of strengthening social bonds, or creating an informed public, or the idea of news as a civic good, a democratic necessity, it creates gangs, which spread instant falsehoods that fit their views, reinforcing each other’s beliefs, and driving each other deeper into shared opinions rather than established facts.

How technology disrupted the truth

Finding alpha

The long and the short of the markets

The Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon CEO Jeffrey Bezos, ran a very brave headline on Tuesday: Amazon’s Prime Day is here — with 100,000 deals and a lot of hype.

Amazon’s Prime Day is here — with 100,000 deals and a lot of hype

London-listed fashion group Burberry will no longer have its CEO double as creative director. French luxury brand Céline chairman Marco Gobbetti will join as CEO next year while Christopher Bailey will remain creative director, a move which involves a 75% pay cut.

Burberry CEO to step down, ending dual-role experiment at helm

Thomson Reuters is selling its intellectual property and science business to private-equity funds for $3.55bn in cash. The portfolio includes Web of Science, Thomson CompuMark, Thomson Innovation, MarkMonitor, Thomson Reuters Cortellis and Thomson IP Manager.

Thomson Reuters to sell intellectual property and science business for $3.55bn

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Great that you are reading this on, but the astounding fact is that worldwide, Facebook and Google are becoming the great, thumping gorillas of the news world.


READ MORE: Online news sites get 80% of their readers from two sources: Facebook and Google

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It’s hard not to love this show. This week Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features a Studebaker Avanti and comedian JB Smoove. They joke about bloody noses, washing cars with ladies’ lingerie, the secret behind bow-ties in the 50s, the zombie apocalypse, fire extinguishers and hint at the inspiration for the Bee Movie. Check it out here: Comedians in cars getting coffee