Empowering his people to unleash their potential


Raymond Khotsofalang Mayekisa AGA(SA) is keen businessman, model, stylist, MC, and a freelance broadcaster at Inkonjane Community Radio station, popularly known as RK Mayekisa. But his favourite business venture is a fun-filled flea market that is helping other businesses to flourish.

Mayekisa was born and bred in Matatiele, Eastern Cape. After completing his matric in 2007, he studied at the University of Johannesburg, where he completed a degree in accounting. Today he is a proud AGA(SA) — a highly skilled accountant who has completed both a South African Institute of Chartered Accountants-accredited BCom degree and SAICA accredited training programme — who is doing an exceptional job at help others with his knowledge.

Mayekisa is a co-founder of Itekeleng Management Company, which focuses on accounting services and business development and solutions. He is also a co-founder of BizEnts, which focuses on the entertainment industry.

He was drawn back to Matatiele by the desire to liberate his people and assist the small business market, especially those owned by women and youth. Today Mayekisa extends his expertise by giving them advice on how to develop their businesses, identifying their potential for growth, and trying improving the economy of the town and surrounding towns.

“Life in Matatiele is like that of any rural developing town; what I love about it is that it is a very diverse town, alive with possibilities,” Mayekisa explains. “The people from here don’t just sit around waiting for miracles, they strive for success and work hard to achieve it, especially the youth. Many youth-owned businesses are still developing.

Investing in his home town

“There are a lot of people with great ideas about how they can grow the economy of the town, and that is exactly what drove me to go back home and invest in my people,” he says.

One of his favourite business initiatives is the The Imbizo Lifestyle Market, which happens once a month or every two months in Matatiele. Mayekisa says it is not your typical market where you just walk in, buy and leave.

“Here you will experience anything that screams lifestyle. The primary objective is to buy and sell and expose our brands to potential customers and clients. But over and above that we want to entertain; we want it to be something you look forward to every month. It’s a great excuse to show up and dress up. We incorporate anything from a fashion parade, poetry, dance groups, rappers and DJs to board games,” he explains.

“In a town like Matatiele, not many activities are happening, besides that people enjoy going to clubs when they feel bored. The Imbizo Lifestyle Market offers an alternative ideal place to have fun for those that do not enjoy the clubbing scene. It’s for everyone, no matter what age. We have had mothers coming with their kids to play on jumping castles, water slides and trampolines.”

The market attracts a lot of media, especially local newspapers and local radio stations, and provides great exposure for the business and brands. It is Mayekisa’s dream to host it in almost all the small developing towns in Eastern Cape and parts of South Africa.

“Seeing how those small developing business owners have joined in the flea market and have grown their businesses through it makes me happy!”

He admits that being registered as an Associated General Accountant has created opportunities for him and others. “I wanted to be an associate of one of the most prestigious accountancy body corporates in the world, so registering as AGA(SA) at SAICA was the way forward.

“It allows me to do a lot more than being employed end being behind the desk from eight to five every day. The qualification gives hope to you and those around you; you are capable of engineering an idea and turning it into money. Being registered as an AGA(SA) has opened a lot of doors for me, and I have earned the necessary respect, especially after the training that one receives before you qualify,” says Mayekisa.

“The Voice of Matat community radio station is where I trained as a radio broadcaster and hosted their primetime slots.” The station started as an idea. While Mayekisa was busy with articles, he would assist by research and when the licence was finally obtained, he jumped in to help find the right talent, and assisted in creating content, compiling music, operations and marketing.

What are his thoughts on Covid-19? “Just like any other South African, I am anxious and stressed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially as a businessperson it is a knock to many of us. But I think if there ever was a time when South Africans should unite and respect the rule of law, it is now. We can only overcome this if we stick to facts and stick to what we are being told to do by those with extensive knowledge of the virus.”

For more information visit: https://www.saica.co.za/



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