Entertainment news: Cassper Nyovest fills up the dome and Hlubi gets married

Cassper Nyovest becomes the first South African artist to #FillUpTheDome

Motswako rapper Cappser Nyovest filled up the dome as he said he would this past Saturday, becoming the first South African artist to do so without the help of an international act. While Cassper celebrated  the “peace” in the building, posting pictures showing Oskido, the self-styled Fleek-ile Mbaweezy and Julius Malema …

Cassper fans couldn’t help but bring AKA into things

It was congratulations all around for Cassper, from the Presidency to Trevor Noah, who rehashed his Leonard Chuene/ Castor Semenya joke, tweeting …

Cassper took his moment in the spotlight to tweet about the success of his second album
Refiloe, about which he said: “Oh Yeah, Uhhm.
My second album went gold in three hours. It’ll also be in stores next week. Enjoy.”
The artist also announced that next year he plans to fill up Orlando Stadium. 

Hlubi Mboya ties the knot

Hlubi Mboya and her husband Kirsten Arnold. (Twitter)

Hlubi Mboya married boyfriend Kirsten Arnold this weekend in a “traditional Xhosa ceremony with a Scottish touch,” the Sunday World reported
on Sunday.

Arnold wore a kilt with a jacket and tie outfit while Mboya
wore a Xhosa outfit with a layered headwrap.

The wedding was a celebrity-studded affair with Mboya’s
cousin  5FM DJ Thomas Smengana, Rhythm
City co-star Ntando Duma and Selimathunzi presenter Khanya Mkangisa present.

It seems it all went according to plan, as earlier this year
she had told The Juice: “I’m
a Hlubi so I really feel most beautiful when I am truly in the space of my
clan, my tribe and my people,” she said.

Black Coffee goes platinum

Black Coffee hopes his album will go double platinum. (Reuters)

Black Coffee’s album
Of Me
has been certified platinum, with his record label Universal Music
announcing the achievement at a showcase event on Thursday.

The platinum sales happened a month and a half after its
release and went gold only two weeks ago. According to celebrity news website
The Juice, the label is forecasting that the album will reach double platinum
sales by the end of this year.

Last month, when the album went gold, Black Coffee announced
that he would make minor adjustments to it and then re-release it
internationally, in the hopes of it winning the Grammy.

Erykah Badu makes us wait and presents Live Nudity

Erykah Badu (Reuters)

United States hip-hop and soul
star Erykah Badu premiered her one-woman show,
Live Nudity, in Dallas, over the weekend.
The show, which she directed, ran for three days at the Black Academy of
Arts and Letters as part of the “dress performance series”. In the show, she
performs with sock puppets in a Rosie Perez accent, eating a bag of potato
chips, Pitchfork reported.

In a review of the show, the Dallas Observer quoted her saying it is “just me making this shit up right
now”. The Dallas Observer described the
show as more like a “sloppy dress rehearsal for something that might turn into
something better later on.”

Badu has a number of gigs planned for later this year
and 2016. She recently released a remix of Drake’s latest single
Hotline Bling,
which she entitled
Hotline Bling But U Caint Use My Phone. Her fans can
expect more material from the singer, as it’s being reported that she will be
releasing a new mixtape this month, entitled
But You Caint Use My Phone, a
reference to her 1997 anthem,
Tyrone. She will also host the 2015 Soul Train
Awards on November 29 on BET.

Taylor Swift gets sued for $42 million 

A screengrab of Taylor Swift’s Shakle It Off.

Singer Taylor Swift is being sued for $42-million by US R&B singer Jesse Graham for allegedly stealing lyrics to the latter’s song
Haters Gone Hate. The BBC reported that besides money, Graham was seeking for his name to be added as a writer to the credits of the track.

Swift’s representatives did not legally comment on the claims. Swift’s song reached number two in the UK and the video of the song was watched more than 1.1 billion times on YouTube.

The songs have similar choruses, using similar terminology, about which Graham said, “Her hook is the same hook as mine. If I didn’t write the song
Haters Gone Hate, there wouldn’t be a song called Shake It Off.”



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