Kenya’s Equity Banks’ mobile virtual network operations continue to be deployed through subsidiary Finserve, with the bank announcing its prefix will be 0763.

This emerged during the announcement of the company’s profits during the first half of 2014, where it reported a 21 per cent growth in profit.

While speaking at the company’s headquarters, managing director Dr James Mwangi said the real innovation of Equity’s MVNO lay in the use of the thin-SIM, which will provide every Kenyan with a feature phone the opportunity to convert it into a dual-SIM phone.

This would not only empower an estimated 25 million Kenyans to have a choice of at least two concurrent telecom service providers but also save them the inconveniences of constantly changing SIM cards.

“Our guiding philosophy and vision is to empower our people who are financially excluded or poorly banked access to banking and information technology solutions that are readily available to affluent members of society albeit at an affordable cost.” said Mwangi.