Five side-eye worthy moments from the ANC’s #SiyanqobaRally

Thousands of ANC supporters have gathered at the #SiyanqobaRally, which has just begun with the event’s formal programme. Despite it only being the start of the rally, there have already been some moments that have caught a bit of side-eye.

When the ANCWL bowed to Zuma

As President Zuma made his way around to the podium with rest of the ANC leadership present at the rally, two lines of women from the ANC Women’s League formed a guard of honour around him.

As the President made his way through the guard of honour, the women bowed before him.


2. When Rabbi David Shul said SA is an example of how diversity respected

Rabbi David Shaw, of the Sandton Shul, began the interfaith prayers for the day, saying, “I thank the father in Heaven for showing the world how people of diverse” races and cultures “can live in harmony and respect”.

Rabbi Shaw might have missed the Mabel Jansens, the recent outrage that followed Pastor Andre Olivier’s sermon at Rivers Church, or the continued service delivery protests that have ripped through townships across the country.

3.  When Mbaks tried to find the Cape Town supporters

“Cape Town, are you there?,” Fikile Mbalula asked imploringly.

A few murmurs from the crowd was the anwer. Mbaks tried again. And then again. And again.

But unfrotunately Cape Town just wasn’t as there as Mbaks hoped.  The sports minister need not worry too much though, Capetonians might’ve been busy at the ANC rally in Belville in the Western Cape. Or they could’ve been getting ready to keep the Western Cape in the DA’s grasp.

4. The ANC bikers

Leather jackets, gloves, and loud revs. The entertainment for the rally included some ANC supporters getting their mock Harley Davidson on. If only public transport in the country could be as racy.

5.  Your love means nothing if you don’t vote

Ouch. That’s tough love from the ANC Gauteng chairperson, Paul Mashatile. Mashatile encouraged supporters to get out of bed early and make their vote on 3 August.

“Your love means nothing if you don’t vote on 3 August,” Mashatile told supporters at the stadium.

But will it be enough for the party to continue to hold its position at the top in Gauteng?



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