THE leader of a new Zimbabwean political party kicked off the movement by swearing at President Robert Mugabe during a media conference.

Acie Lumumba‚ 26‚ a former Zanu (PF) youth leader‚ said at the launch of his new youth political party‚ Viva Zimbabwe‚ that Mugabe had never seen Zimbabweans angry.

“So here is the red line. Mr President Robert Gabriel Mugabe‚ f**k you. I have drawn the line‚ our kids are in trouble‚” Lumumba said.

Lumumba said he was not threatening the president‚ but wanted Mugabe to know that should anything happen to him, the same fate would befall Mugabe’s children.

“My name is Lumumba. Lumumba‚ Lumumba. I say it three times so that you do not forget it. Come get me … I’m someone’s child‚ a war veteran’s child. You touch me … but I hope you live long‚ because God forbid something happens to you and your kids will be touched too …. One thing they must never forget is when they go‚ they leave their own kids” Lumumba said.

According to The Zimbabwean‚ the unapologetic young leader reiterated his sentiments in a question-and-answer session‚ claiming that what he said was exactly the feelings of all young people of Zimbabwe‚ and he was saying it on their behalf.

Lumumba had to leave the conference prematurely as security agents stormed the room. Lumumba’s whereabouts are currently unknown. It has not been confirmed whether he is missing or in hiding.

The young politician is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year‚ he was involved in a sex tape scandal. Lumumba made a video replying to the allegations‚ saying he was disgusted that the government was so desperate to discredit him they would leak a personal intimate video.

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