Forex traders share the act

“There is nothing I cannot afford. I can afford anything … this is the best lifestyle-dream I could ever think of,” boasts Kgopotso Mmutlane — or DJ Coach Tsekeleke as he is better known — on his reality show FBK Millionaires.

“I am a proud millionaire, but you cannot see it until I tell you,” the foreign exchange (forex) trader is quick to point out, however.

The show, which aired on YouTube before getting a platform on DStv’s Moja Love channel, features the lives of a group of seven forex traders who call themselves the Forex Broker Killers (FBK).

Members of FBK, the brainchild of Mmutlane, are more than happy to share their envy-inducing lifestyles — complete with fancy cars, luxury homes and stacks of cash.

Viewers can live the high life vicariously as they watch the seven young men show off their girlfriends, parties and flashy rides — cars such as an Audi S3, VW Golf GTi and Mercedes-Benz AMG which carry price tags ranging from R600 000 to R1-million.

The show, which is currently suspended because of “technical issues” after airing just four episodes, does beg the question: just how does FBK make money?

Mmutlane says the group has accrued its wealth through trading in foreign currencies.



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