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Sars crippled by Moyane loyalists

Freshly appointed commissioner Edward Kieswetter says he is up to the task of turning tax agency around.

Red beret ramp up ‘rogue’ claims

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan is once again being accused of being behind the Sars rogue unit, this time by the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Slice of life: Ke Mohlalefi, nna

‘At family gatherings my uncles would say our clan name with so much pride’.

Mbalula says ANC list can still change

The Electoral Commission will listen to objections to names on electoral lists in some circumstances.

Ex-CSOS boss must answer for VBS cash

R80-million left the CSOS in two tranches under the pretext of being an investment.

Eskom gave PetroSA special request

Memos reveal the oil company was concerned about irregularities.

SA defence in ‘critical decline’

South Africa’s response to Cyclone Idai is a serious warning about how poorly equipped the country is to deal with the disasters that climate change is sure to bring.

Modi declares India a ‘space superpower’

The Indian prime minister said his country had joined the United States, Russia and China.

Ndobe case: Batohi wants answers

The NDPP wants to know how the Harry Gwala district mayor was charged without evidence.

Bank at heart of Gambian tyranny

An investigation reveals that a key Belgian institution is again involved in money-laundering.

Income tax law leaves widows poorer

Widows of government employees have called for a relaxation of the income tax law.

Graves bulldozed for security fence

Arcelor Mittal, charged with toxic air and water pollution, seems to have bulldozed through graves to create a perimeter fence.

Province’s rainmakers threaten DA

Smaller parties in the Western Cape say the most pressing issue of unemployment is not being addressed


Making the sale: Rebranding the HIV prevention pill for women

Three years into the country’s national rollout, less than a quarter of people who’ve started taking the wonder tablet are young women — despite skyrocketing HIV rates among them.
It turns out we may have been selling the HIV prevention pill all wrong.


Algerian protesters unrelenting

Despite president pulling out of election race, demonstrators continue to call for his departure.

Foresight and quick thinking: How one village survived the floods

When floods caused by the storm Cyclone Idai submerged vast swathes of southern Malawi, villagers in Thaundi had to make some hurried life-or-death decisions.

‘I have to choose between starvation or dying of disease’

Cyclone Idai has caused severe damage and left people without members of their families, shelter or food to eat.


Load-shedding dooms SA profits

From corner bakeries to mines, businesses bear the brunt of the power-cut pain, with alternative energy generation solutions mired in bureaucracy.

SA sugar industry outlook still sour

Health tax adds to woes of local producers, who want it dropped, but experts say the industry is simply not competitive enough.

Free debt review for the poor

Debt counselling includes fees that some people cannot afford but a new Bill aims to prevent socioeconomic discrimination.

On the horns of a dilemma

Ahead of a crucial conference on international wildlife, the debate over whether to allow trade in rhino horn to fund conservation efforts rages on.

‘Untenable’ mining charter compounds policy fears

The re-emergence of tension between the industry and government comes as the economy contends with stunted growth.


Beware the dangers of blind optimism

Our yearning for good news lets our critical faculties fly into exile, so we need to be grounded.

Early state capture stalled motor city

Universities in the Eastern Cape have not taken up the challenge of creating knowledge centres to produce solutions.

Hachimoji DNA: Stirring debate

South African scientists need to develop health technologies that respond to our society’s most pressing needs.

Bright lights, dark mutterings

Are we so in thrall to images of wealth that we would just stand there, agog at the spectacle, and not wonder about all this wasted electricity?

Gaza protesters keep pushing boundaries

As the first anniversary of the Great Return March approaches, Suraya Dadoo spoke to Ahmed Abu Artema, the man behind the weekly protests.

Elections: ANC factions are its biggest opponent

Although corruption was a factor in the party’s decline in support in the 2014 and 2016 elections, poor service delivery was also a key element.

Editorial: Corruption is not just an African thing

In 2015, former president Thabo Mbeki led an African Union panel that sought to determine how much the African continent was losing every year.

Letters to the editor: March 29 to April 4

Our readers write in about Azapo, Islamophobia, the elections in the wake of Eskom’s woes and failing state-owned enterprises.

Editorial: SA teams user in rare joy

South African Sports teams will compete across all sports competitions this year.

Midlands murder mystery

The evidence that linked a mayor to a murder has vanished ­— or never existed.


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this.

The Portfolio: Delwyn Verasamy

“The most beautiful portraits of humans often occur when a person allows you in to glimpse the vulnerability and rawness of their being.”

Metafilm schools the industry

Film Festival Film blends documentary, improv and drama, all on a time-and-money shoestring.

More than one layer to the art and life of Tracey Rose

She might have softened her approach but her emotions still run high in all she does.

Dance Umbrella finds new home

The South African State Theatre will house Dance Umbrella Africa, which will be funded by the state.

SA genocide museum opens

Permanent exhibition elements are arranged to immerse visitors fully in the experience.


Wits hit by Bafana butterfly effect

The energy from the Afcon qualification may be exactly what the Clever Boys need to end the season right.

‘Don Queen’ proves that she can go the distance

A two-time winner of the G-Sport Women’s Sport Award and the 2016 WBF Promoter of the Year, Mbali Zantsi is determined to revive the glory of the game

Could Juventus Women become the cult we need?

Give a decent location and a little promotion, and the crowds will flock to watch

Tottenham surrender to mediocrity

Spurs have a shiny new stadium, but they’ve now mysteriously lost their mojo.




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