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Politics at play over deputy prez

Deputy president David Mabuza could be playing a long game to place him in a strong position to become president of the ANC

Church hid pastor’s abuse, says dad

Survivors, including the abuser’s niece, accuse the Seventh Day Adventist Church of putting its needs ahead of the girls

Cutting the fat from Cabinet could save R300m a year

Bloated, excessive and overweight — that has been the Cabinet for more than 10 years. But, with the culling that President Cyril Ramaposa is expected to do, the savings will be Nkandla-sized

MK years a good prep for speaker

Parliament has a new speaker — Thandi Modise.
In welcoming her to the role, politicians spoke about her time as an ANC guerrilla and her years in prison, saying that this experience would prepare her for the job.

Majodina is ready to whip, dressed to kill

Pemmy Majodina returns to the parliamentary precinct after having served as a member of the National Council of Provinces between 1999 and 2004

Slice of life: A better life, module by module

‘I’ve always loved learning’

Jacob Zuma says his case is unique

The high court will need to decide whether there was political interference in the Zuma prosecution and if so, how the law will treat it

Law and politics collide at JZ trial

The supporters that usually crowded outside the court and in the public gallery were absent at Jacob Zuma’s bid to get off corruption charges

Cyril wants SA’s pupils up to code

Making programming compulsory in schools is a challenging prospect, but if the president wills it, there might be a way

Unions want bold strides for teachers

Sadtu vows to take new minister to court if infrastructure is not immediately made a priority

SA’s biggest municipal union must restore trust after fraud report

The report paints a bleak picture of Samwu’s internal systems and ability to handle its 160 000 members’ money

‘Farm flipping’: How land reform was broken by the elite

Luthuli House ‘comrades-in-farms’ and state officials — including former minister Gugile Nkwenti — appear to be profiting from farms earmarked for land redistribution beneficiaries, thanks to partnerships with a foreign company

Freedom comes at the cost of love

Despite escaping Syria together, one queer couple’s scars tore their relationship apart

Durban mayor ‘a law unto herself’

Despite being arrested and then told to take a leave of absence by the ANC, Zandile Gumede was back in her office


Price of aid: Who is watching whom?

When governments fail and health systems falter, aid agencies take over.
But who holds them accountable?

Time and money: Inside SA’s pill-dispensing ATMs

South Africa has introduced the world’s first medicine-dispensing ATMs, but only a fourth of patients who could be using them actually are.

‘Not every day is perfect, but it’s a bit better’

In the accompanying article, Menelaos Agaloglou, a former aid worker of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), rhetorically poses important questions


PAP ‘buries’ harassment probe

A forensic investigation into President Roger Nkodo Dang’s behaviour has been quashed to keep the scandal quiet

Yet another blow for Egypt

Without political stability, the country’s citizens remain under threat and its lucrative tourist sector is doomed

Tensions flare near Chad’s precarious northern border

Tibesti has long been fertile ground for rebellions in Chad. Is another one coming?


Change for climate a risky business

South Africa must adapt rapidly if it is to mitigate the negative effects of the low-carbon transition

My way, not the Huawei

Donald Trump’s cries of espionage reflect a US obsession with protectionism over open access

Prepare for tax in digital economy

Foreign digital services and products have skirted taxation in SA — but that’s all about to change

Trump’s ‘art of the deal’ costs US exporters and consumers

Now that the US president has imposed heavy costs on farmers, consumers and the overall economy, Americans are probably growing quite tired

New shots fired in banking wars

Consumers can only benefit as the big four banks give in to pressure from low-fee upstarts and digital newcomers

Comment & Analysis:

Let’s slay some myths about identity politics

Just because you choose to reject an identity you are born with, does not mean it is not there

Editorial: Stop the rot in the African Union

‘Over the past two weeks, the Mail & Guardian has published investigations into two of the continental body’s core institutions’

Editorial: Nail the farm-flippers

‘Over 25 years of democracy, the government’s attempts at land restitution have been lambasted for their slow pace and all-round inefficiency’

Cyril plays a careful game

The president may have kept his cards close to his chest but now he has to make bold moves

The Cat trades one life for 2024

While some political old-timers claw at relevance, David Mabuza is rewriting the rules of engagement

PART I: A radical blueprint for Ramaphosa’s Cabinet

This is the first article in a four-part series on radical Cabinet reform

Part II: The seven principles of picking a Cabinet

This is part II in a four part analysis on Cabinet reform

PART III: The right-sized Cabinet — what academics say

This is the third article in a four-part series on radical Cabinet reform

Part IV: Breaking the mould — A blueprint for the future government

This is the last article in a four-part series on radical Cabinet reform

Now it’s white people’s turn to be generous

Without a renewed social compact and the sacrifice of economic power, our country

will never experience its ‘new dawn’

Avoid the silent killer

Check your blood pressure every six months and, if you’re on medication, take it as prescribed

We’ve GoT so many endings

So, finally, eight long years later, Game of Thrones is over. We can stop speculating about who’s going to die in episodes up ahead

Speed up education in Africa with 5G

Doing so will increase the chance of achieving the world’s 17 sustainable development goals

Focus on digital content for teachers and schoolchildren

Education policy has always been, and will continue to be, closely related to South Africans’ social conditions.

Bricked in by the walls of the patriarchy

When anti-harrassment campaigns become ‘too successful’, universities work to undermine them


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this

Book boosts black women studies

This anthology is important in resuscitating black women names in literature that history may have decided to ignore.

In the world — but not of it

Portia Zvavahera uses her dreams and experiences to create her otherworldly works

Even if the wells run dry …

This year’s National Arts Festival is going ahead despite the drought that is plaguing Makhanda

A life spent rewriting Africa

Binyavanga Wainaina was an exceptional writer, activist and human being

A love for writing and women

Renowned South African author André Brink pursued love as voraciously as he wrote


NBA stars share the limelight

Basketball’s big-name heroes are taking a back seat as resurgent role players make the game sing

World Cup: It’s dull vs deadly

South Africans should be at least somewhat excited about the competition — but they’re not

Emery’s odd Europa League love

Arsenal have the curious distinction of employing a manager that is more successful in Europe than they are.



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