#GuptaLeaks: Guptas tipped off about SARS investigation unit

About one year before the now discredited SARS rogue unit narrative was created, the Guptas were receiving “intelligence” that there was a unit in SARS that was investigating them as well as others who were close to the president.

This was revealed through a couple of emails sent by Gary Naidoo, a Gupta family spokesperson who works at TNA Media, to Atul Gupta in November 2013. The emails are part of a tranche of leaked Gupta emails which have emerged in the last few weeks.

There has been much speculation about what happened at the revenue service in 2014, which saw most of the members of the NRG (National Research Group), its most successful high profile investigations unit, ousted from SARS and publicly humiliated with a slew of allegations thrown at them. 

Its head Johann van Loggerenberg and former SARS spokesperson Adrian Lackay in their book Rogue pointed at the tobacco industry, who under a project named Honey Badger, they were looking into.

But, the unit was also said at the time to have been investigating more politically sensitive cases, which could also have led to them being targeted.

There was an indication from the emails Naidoo sent to Atul Gupta that they had some sort of insight into this.



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