HassConsult launches new property information system

HassConsult has unveiled a live property price research app which includes real-time price geo-mapping, created after the company expanded its data collection.

The app, My Hass Data, will consist of new data sets that come with data lines on planning applications, purchase dates and historical pricing data.

Based on this expanded data set, the app will also allow users to research prices by suburb, street, size of property, type and rate of sales and vacancies.

“We have in recent months moved to a new level of data collection on property pricing and development, mapping every building in Nairobi, and including data collection on commercial, retail and non-retail properties,” said Sakina Hassanali, head of marketing and research at HassConsult.

“We expect this to be a best-in-class tool for any organization or individual needing market information, conceiving investment strategies, or researching development concepts.”

The My Hass Data app will be available on the new www.hassindex.com website, on a variety of subscription packages.

The Hass Index is also now moving into bespoke research reports for clients, in an associated hard copy research service and is set to unveil further expansions in its public index series.

“We see this as a real need. The Kenyan property market is now a more mature sector, and high returns rest on careful research into demand and uptake,” said Hassanali.

“There are areas where developers are even losing money, while others, who have investigated the market more thoroughly, are still making very high returns indeed.”




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