Hilton College boys in hot water over ‘mock rape’ pic

In a statement, the prestigious private school in Hilton Road said they had initiated an investigation into the incident.

“One of our boys posted a highly offensive photograph on Instagram. We are appalled and cannot condemn this sufficiently strongly.
It flies in the face of all the school stands for and teaches,” it read.

“We are urgently investigating the matter and view it in a very serious light. We will take appropriate disciplinary action once the investigation is complete.”

Democratic Alliance MPL Hlanganani Gumbi, who shared the picture, deplored the boys’ lack of sensitivity.

“They clearly have no idea of the sensitivity of the issue and think it’s funny. Our rape culture and misogyny against women is so desensitised we now feel nothing and have normalised this situation to jokes,” he said.

“Shame on these boys. May they feel the full wrath of South Africa’s anger and pain come their way so they can introspect about their jokes,” he added. – News24



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