An online trading platform that allows real time funding of investment accounts has been launched in Nigeria by UBA Capital.

At the launch of held at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), UBA Capital said investors can use the platform to instantly and directly fund their investment account without engaging an investment officer for client-company lodgement.

Oluwatoyin  Sanni, chief executive officer (CEO) of UBA Capital said, “We have 53 per cent of foreign investors’ participation against 47 per cent by retail and there was need to improve that segment of the market. Nigeria has the lowest in terms of domestic participation and we are still far less than Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana among others.

“To increase domestic participation and guard against foreign investors pulling of fund during crises situation, we created this easy and affordable platform.

“Since UBA Capital was founded our mission has been to develop the capital markets in Nigeria in order to give the investing public the confidence to invest actively. InvestNow.NG combines world-class technology with a robust client data protection and security framework in order to give our clients a seamless experience when processing transactions. Our clients will have access to research materials to make informed investment decisions.”

Image courtesy ShutterStock