Kenyan government e-registry ready in 2 weeks

The Kenyan government e-registry will be ready in two weeks time, according to Ministry of ICT cabinet secretary Dr Fred Matiangi, who added it is projected the register will provide huge amounts of data.

Matiangi was speaking today at the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) inaugural East Africa CIO Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, when he said the e-registry will have data streaming in from all 47 counties which will require processing, harmonising and analysing.

“We are looking at an environment where we will need to have chief analytics officers. This is the reality the government will have to incur,” he said.

“This calls on all of us to step up efforts in capacity building, train more people, acquire more skills, to harmonise and process this data for governance,” said Matiangi.

He also moved to assure those afraid the data might fall into the wrong hands and be abused.

“We have completed our cyber security master plan and we can assure everyone that our networks and information will be secured and will be facilitated to our development programmes.”

The cabinet secretary also appealed to the private sector to help the government in capacity building for personnel who can deal with analytics, as there is a gaping skills gap in this area.



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