The Kisii county government has partnered with Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) to launch a service automating revenue collection for parking, bus and boda boda (motorcycle) monthly licence fees.

The service will make it possible for Kisii residents to make payments through their phones and Visa or MasterCard branded cards, or pay for parking at DTB county revenue collection points.

Inspectors from the county government will be able to verify payments by querying the systems using the vehicle registration number.

“We are excited to be the first bank to go live with an electronic solution for all parking fees collection in the counties. This partnership with the Kisii county government is a demonstration of our commitment to enhancing business and making life convenient for our customers,” Nasim Devji, chief executive officer (CEO) of DTB, said.

“In this digital era, customers are already making most of their transactions through their mobile phones and parking fees should be no exception.”

It will also be possible for residents to pay for their bus park fee as they leave the bus terminal. Boda boda monthly payments can be made at any of the various county revenue collection points located in strategic areas around Kisii town.

Devji said: “Counties that will emerge successful are those that embrace technology in their revenue collection and other areas of operations. We will soon be extending this service to all other areas of revenue collection including advertising, rates and licenses within the county. We also look forward to extending this service to more counties in Kenya.”

James Ongwae, governor of Kisii, said: “We are delighted to have DTB as our partner in parking fee collection. This will not only streamline our revenue collection and seal any revenue leakages but will also go a long way in increasing our accountability and easing payment methods for our Kisii residents.

“Our great vision for Kisii will only be achieved if we make the right progressive partnerships, embrace technology and efficiently manage our revenue collection. Today the people of Kisii are the winners as they will not only experience easier and faster parking payment methods  but they can now rest assured that the money will all reach the county government for investment back into the community.”