Lagos state launches ebola response website

Nigeria’s Lagos state government has launched a response website in furtherance of the fight against ebola, providing information on the disease via the website.

The website was launched by the state’s Ministry of Health and provides information such as what to do faced with a suspected ebola case, as well as a fact sheet on the viral disease.

Information from the website can be downloaded in PDF format.

The ebola response website features a blog page attempting to debunk rumours about the disease including the one that was widely circulated on social media that drinking and bathing with salt and water could prevent the disease.

The Lagos Ministry of Health has also launched a toll-free ebola helpline which can be reached by dialling 0800 EBOLA HELP (0800 326524357).

The state’s response centre can be accessed via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube; with the Twitter account already counting 400 followers while the Facebook page has over 700 likes.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.



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