LETTER: Africa’s political fouls

THE axing of Senzo Mchunu and Louis van Gaal confirm what everybody has been saying about soccer and politics: they are cruel and not for the faint-hearted. Both were fired during referee’s optional time — Mchunu lost his premiership the day he lost the provincial chairmanship.

The story of how the ANC treated Mchunu is the reason the likes of me have lost faith in African politics and leadership. Good men and women in African politics never last.

Thomas Sankara was killed for his vision to uplift the poor. If a leader manages to survive the bullets, the power poisons him. Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame were bright African lights whose stars have already dimmed. They started out with big dreams, but look where they are now. Kagame’s early leadership improved Rwanda’s fortunes, but he promised to step down in 2017. Now he has changed his mind. Is it power?

Museveni of Uganda wrote in his book What is Africa’s Problem? that the issue plaguing African states is a lack of democracy and accountability. The opposition in Uganda would say the same thing about him today. No accountability.

So what was there to celebrate on Africa Day? If only there were more like Tanzania’s John Magufuli, Africa would be a better place.

Dr Lucas Ntyintyane
Via e-mail



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