Systemic racism exists

One has to take issue, albeit gently, with my compatriot and your correspondent Eric Shikobela (“We need to stop the ticking of the racism time bomb”).

If one may, he is correct in that the poor, the disadvantaged, women and children are at the forefront of harm from the toxic system we live in and that our various cultures are indeed precious, even if they are being whitewashed from history as we are not yet seeing the foregrounding of our own stories.

Suggesting that we people of colour “play victim” is to deny the fact that we are indeed victims of systemic racism.

It must be clearly understood that relying on the oppressor’s definition of racism (à la the Oxford Dictionary) is part of the problem. The construct of systemic racism is the conflation of power plus prejudice plus multi-generational privilege, not simply prejudice of one group against another.