Letters to the editor: October 21 to 27 2016

Is varsity tuition worth it?

With all the protests rocking universities, I am left wondering: Is a university education still worth it? The protests have shone a light on how the academy has sidelined, isolated and excluded mainly black, women and minority students through language policies, an institutional culture that is still racist, sexist and conservative, a curriculum devoid of African thought and a visible but often taboo subject – university education is expensive and only a few can afford it.

But the protests have failed to articulate the case for a university education. Is it still worth it? Is university the only way to succeed in one’s career or life?

Universities are rated more highly than other tertiary institutions such as vocational training colleges by students and their parents, because university graduates are more likely to be employed and will probably earn well; unemployment rates are lowest among graduates, according to research done by the Centre for Development and Enterprise.

University education, however, is costly.



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