IPID head Robert McBride is expected to make another appearance in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday for allegedly assaulting his daughter three months ago.

McBride has been charged with child abuse with an alternative charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

In an IPID statement released soon after the alleged assault was reported on August 20, McBride said that he wanted the trial to start as soon as possible so that he could clear his name.

He was granted R10 000 bail on August 30 on the condition that he does not contact any of the witnesses.

The state did not oppose bail.

The charges he faces relate to an incident that allegedly took place as he and his daughter were driving in a car.

He said that he had merely admonished his daughter on the day of the incident.

Charges a ‘red herring’

Speaking “with a heavy heart”, he said he decided to issue the statement after information about his daughter started being circulated by people who had failed by other means to get rid of him.

McBride claimed the case was opened by a woman who had unsuccessfully asked him to squash a traffic fine.

“I admit that I admonished one of my daughters, whom I love very much,” he said.

He said he had become concerned about his daughter’s school marks and “somewhat rebellious” behaviour, and had admonished her, but never assaulted her.

McBride claimed the charges were a “red herring”.

“I am not at all surprised by the latest allegations against me – I have been accused of treason, conspiracy to murder and plotting an Arab Spring-style revolution, all of which have come to nought. Those making the allegations have now gone silent, after failing to substantiate their allegations.” —News24