Namibia adopts electronic voting system for today’s elections

Namibia has adopted electronic voting system for today’s general elections. Procured from an Indian company, the electronic voting machines (EVMs), they are reportedly backed by technology that eliminates flaws.

The company added the machines address the skepticism of the political parties that questioned the transparency of Namibia’s electoral body.

In today’s elections, about 1.2 million Namibians are expected to elect 96 members of the national assembly and president at about 4,000 electronic voting stations nationwide. Participating political parties include the left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters and the white minority Republican Party.

Opposition parties had made last-minuute efforts to block the adoption of electronic voting in today’s elections by filling a suit at Windhoek High Court, but the case was struck out by the court giving the electoral body green light to go ahead with the elections.

This development makes Namibia the first country in Africa to adapt electronic voting system.

Image courtesy of ShutterStock



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