New Kenya Power website to alert clients on Blackouts

Kenyans can now to tell when their region is going to experience a blackout as Kenya Power, the company with the monopoly to provide electricity to the county has launched a website that will soley alert users of power outages.

Known as The PowerAlert, the website will cater to customers whether at home or at their business premises all over the country which has been divided into eight zones.

“The PowerAlert service consolidates all planned outages/shutdowns in a single portal for customers to effectively plan their daily activities and help minimise inconveniences that may be caused,” read part of the websites.

To use the service you will be required to sign in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account.

Once that is done you will then be required to navigate to the My Locations page and add your place of residence or the location of your business premises etc.

You will be informed of the planned outage a day before it occurs.

Kenya Power previously relied on newspaper adverts to put its message across and the new move will be welcomed by people who do not get access to newspapers on a daily basis.

It should be noted that the site is still under construction and some features may not work as effectively as expected.



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