Amadou Diallo will never be forgotten

As Tanya Thorpe watched the protests about George Floyd’s killing spread across the United States, even up to her own neighbourhood in relatively quiet, relatively conservative upstate New York, she thought about the first time she went to a protest, as a young adult, over the shooting of a West African immigrant called Amadou Diallo. […]

Mogoeng’s Palestine stance calls into...

COMMENT South African Jews for a Free Palestine (SAJFP) wishes to register our deep concern and dismay at Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s recent comments supporting relations with apartheid Israel and counselling against any critique of Israeli actions while remaining silent about Palestinian dispossession, the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territory, the intended annexation of more Palestinian territory,  as […]

Review: ‘Making Grace Amazing’ — song...

… the semiotics of the slave ship continue: from the forced movements of the enslaved to the forced movements of the migrant and the refugee, to the regulation of Black people in North American streets and neighbourhoods, to those ongoing crossings of and drownings in the Mediterranean Sea, to the brutal colonial reimaginings of the […]

Demolition of hope in Hangberg

COMMENT On Saturday morning, the air is crisp as I stand at the site of a demolished structure in Hangberg, Hout Bay. A man is dismantling sheets of corrugated iron loosely attached to broken poles, while another is pulling nails out of damaged planks of wood. Torn sheets of plastic are blowing in the wind […]

Eleven ways to protect yourself again...

SPONSORED This week is International Fraud Awareness Week. The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) reported a spike in fraud incidents in 2018, with almost 23 500 cases across banking apps, online banking and mobile banking amounting to R262.8 million in gross losses. Historically, the vast majority of complaints received by the Ombudsman for […]

Five must-read books by Ghanaian writ...

Search Sweet Country by B  Kojo Laing Written by a poet who brings a lyrical free-spiritedness to his prose, Search Sweet Country is set amid the uncertainty of 1970s Accra. It follows a cast of oddball characters on a quest to find themselves, whose follies and foibles are juxtaposed with the social and political instability of […]

Part III: Afropessimism and rituals o...

People who approach racial slavery as just an event will experience Frank Wilderson III’s book, Afropessimism, as a violation. In his own words, they will encounter “Afropessimism as though they are being mugged rather than enlightened; that is because they can’t imagine a plantation in the here and now”. Yes, even here and now of […]

Security and Compliance Evolution in ...

SPONSORED This webinar was hosted by the Mail & Guardian and Microsoft. It featured Kelly Chalom, Cloud Essentials’ in-house legal adviser and compliance specialist; Chris Hathaway, a founding member and Managing Director of the Soarsoft  International Group and its subsidiaries Cloud Essentials and Salient Discovery. Gushwell Brooks, a presenter on 702 and CapeTalk, facilitated. As we […]

Behind Ramaphosa’s rejection of the C...

COMMENT Last week President Cyril Ramaphosa referred the contentious Copyright Amendment Bill back to Parliament because a number of its provisions are unconstitutional. This was nine years after the Copyright Review Commission recommended amending the Copyright Act to improve the lot of composers and performers and to reform the practices of collecting societies. A government […]

Clubs brace for rushed PSL restart

South African football will return. As these words are hammered onto the keyboard, the PSL board of governors is deliberating the finer points of its resumption. The league is yet to announce when and where it will resume. What we do know is that the schedule will be tight, it will take place in a […]



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