Nigerian winery joins domain service

DeeBee, a winery based in Nigeria, has become the latest company to launch a website with an domain name –

In a statement released by, it said the new site comes with an expanded product line including a Custom Label Service for special and corporate events as well as soon to be introduced functional drinks.

“We are thrilled to officially launch and are excited about the opportunities ahead for our established brands, as well as our future product line,” said Peter Coker, marketing and global brand director of DeeBee.

“The domain along with the DeeBee business name brings unmatched visibility to potentially reach the fastest growing economies of the world with Africa’s one billion citizens,” said Ope Odusan, managing director of domain name services.

Other companies that have acquired domain names are,,,,, and

“ is now looking to bring a proprietary “build your own website” tool to help African entrepreneurs grow their companies online,” it said. chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) Teresa Clarke said: “We will be training young people coming out of school on how to build websites. We are focused on bringing African businesses online to improve economic development, and create jobs for Africans across the continent.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.



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