Nigeria’s NSA to host National Cybersecurity Forum in Lagos

A two-day National Cybersecurity Forum will be held in Lagos on June 18 and 19, hosted by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) at the Presidency.

At the forum, participants will make discuss the ONSA-drafted National Cybersecurity Policy framework, with organisers saying the first day will involve a Cybersecurity Strategy Bootcamp for selected industries and professionals, while the second day of the forum is specifically for key decision makers and captains of industry.

Issues including the growing and inescapable threats posed to national security by cyberspace will be discussed with active involvement from public and private sectors and multi-stakeholder engagement in addressing cybersecurity issues.

ONSA said: “Objectives will lead to national consensus building towards the acceptance and the adoption of the policy and strategy documents. It aims to facilitate a trusted relationship required for effective implementation and partnership on cybersecurity in the country.”

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