Openview, now powered by two million homes


In the highly competitive, content-driven space of providing world-class entertainment to South Africans, whose power of choice is more diverse than ever,  two million households have chosen Openview as their go-to viewing option.    

Launched in 2013, South Africa’s first free-to-air satellite platform has shown progressive growth and the platform is now activating over 35 000 households per month.  

In 2014, Openview found its way into 37 000 households, and, in just over a year, the brand witnessed a staggering 45% increase in activations. The platform continued to grow exponentially, with its most impressive growth between 2016 to date.

To describe South Africa as a sporting nation would be an understatement; Openview knows all too well how important the role of sports is for this nation.  A main priority for the platform was to bring global sports stars into the homes of the brand’s ever-increasing audience. International partnerships were forged, and have resulted in the broadcasting of selected live matches from the top tier of English Premier League football, and transported our audiences courtside with a National Basketball Association (NBA) multi-year deal. The deal makes Openview the official free-to-air broadcast partner of the NBA in South Africa. 

There is no such thing as too much football — just ask any fan — so Openview has ensured that their appetite is met. The Bundesliga is back, and the brand’s agreement for Germany’s premier football league allows Openview to bring viewers every second of selected matches throughout the 2019/20 season, on the news and sports channel 120.

“This is indeed an impressive growth achievement for the platform, more so in an increasingly competitive digital era, where viewers enjoy diverse content and platform alternatives at the simple push of a button,” says eMedia Investments Chief Operating Officer Antonio Lee.

“The fact that we can celebrate viewership in two million homes around the country is testimony that our viewers approve of the quality of our Openview content. As eMedia gears up to release its annual financial results in the coming weeks, we look forward to seeing how the two million activations have positively impacted our financial results. This will also assist with our planning and projections for additional content in our  2020/21 fiscal year.”

South Africans demand choice, and they demand quality. Openview boasts over 16 television and radio channels, offering viewers unlimited entertainment that caters for the whole family. The top favourites, most of which are available in HD, include eMovies, eMovies Extra, eExtra, and eToonz.

Openview has changed the game, and it could not be easier to become part of it. Viewers do not want to work hard to be entertained. A once-off fee for the decoder, satellite dish, and installation is all the effort required. After that, there is nothing to do except sit back and enjoy. There are no contractual obligations or monthly payments. The most difficult part about Openview is deciding what to watch, when, and who gets the remote.

Changing lives and keeping South Africans informed and entertained is at the forefront of what keeps Openview alive. The magnitude of the two million viewer milestone is one to celebrate, and Openview was determined to show appreciation to all South Africans who trust us to be in their homes.

Celebrations are about giving, and what followed was an opportunity for Openview customers to be given the keys for two homes at the two million mark. A collaboration between Openview and Defy, the renowned major South African appliance manufacturer, resulted in a TV game show called Super Fans. The show will culminate with two loyal viewers walking away with two homes, valued at R2-million each.

Details of the competition and the two lucky winners will be announced following the grand prize handover.

For more information, email: [email protected]

‍Tel: 0861 696 843

Whatsapp: 082 966 6429



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