PODCAST: The Ghost

Sometimes taking a detour can reveal an entire world you did not know existed. That is what happens to reporter Lars Overland, who drives into a small town on his way to somewhere else and ends up chasing ghosts through a sleepless night.

This story is about the small town of Matjiesfontein in the Karoo.
It is a story where the desert wind blows, and the lines between the past, the present, reality and dream are blurred.

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This is the third episode in the new SoundAfrica series “Re-visits.” In this series SoundAfrica takes another look at stories from the past that linger in the back of our minds, continuing to effect us.

Every two weeks another episode will be released here and on the SoundAfrica website. For more, follow SoundAfrica on Facebook, Twitter or listen to all our documentaries on iTunes, SoundCloud or our website. Subscribe to the newsletter.



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