Predictions of demise of ANC-led alliance ‘wishful thinking’‚ says SACP

THE South African Communist Party (SACP) has dismissed reports predicting the imminent demise of the African National Congress (ANC)-led alliance as “wishful thinking”.

The party said that its central committee had noted at a meeting at the weekend that “parts of the media have once more resurrected old headlines predicting the forever-imminent demise of the ANC-led alliance”.

“None of this is remotely new. Over many decades the SACP has grown accustomed to periodic spasms of wishful thinking of this kind from the capitalist media.

“The present obituaries have been occasioned by the statements and posture of a factionalist group that is simply taking up — although with less skill it should be said — where Julius Malema was forced to leave off following his belated expulsion from the ANC‚” the party asserted.

Once more‚ the anticommunist rhetoric was grounded in the realisation among these circles that the SACP stood in the way of their ambitions to loot public resources‚ the party charged.

“The SACP has no intention of abandoning its resolute and principled stand against political parasitism‚ cults of personality‚ and the plundering of state and SOC resources. Equally the SACP has no intention of breaking with the ANC and the alliance it leads‚” the party said.

“The alliance needs to be reconfigured not abandoned. We know that our stand against corruption and factionalism is shared by the great majority of ANC members and an even wider spectrum of ANC supporters who fervently hope that our liberation movement will not lose its bearings.

“In this regard‚ the CC (central committee) warmly welcomed important resolutions of the ANC’s national general council‚ including the outright condemnation of slate politics funded by money that simply reproduces endless factional churn.”

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