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Ex-treasurer promises bombshells

Mxolisi Dukwana ready to topple Ace Magashule’s house of cards at the Zondo commission

ANC rejects public’s list objections

The decision by the electoral commission will make or break the party’s voting trajectory

Eskom loses billions on coal contracts

The beleaguered utility has been paying vastly different prices to its various suppliers

Resolute in the face of xenophobia

Many residents fled after Durban’s third wave of attacks, but to others leaving is just not an option

Inside the SANDF’s budget crisis

The defence ministry says it needs an extra R50-billion in order to effectively carry out SA’s peacekeeping and anti-piracy obligations, but the cupboard is indefensibly bare

UCT culture leaves some suicidal

A damning report has highlighted racism and a dearth of mental health support at the university

Grad mothers steal spotlight

In recent years, UKZN has made a name for itself for the expressive celebrations of graduates and their supporters

‘Corporate death penalty’ for companies

If an industry kills more people than it employs, it gets a few warnings to clean up its act or it gets shut down

Dead whale full of plastic

23kg of plastic were found in the whale’s stomach

SCA tensions dominate at interviews

Constitutional Court candidate describes the causes of friction as ‘complex’

Constitutional Court interviews turn he-said-she-said

The real job of the Judicial Service Commission this week was to decide who to take off the list rather than who to include.

Staff back ‘moonlighting’ manager

Media agency managers turn on acting chief executive for suspending a colleague accused of embezzling funds

Slice of Life: ‘I felt the pollution in my chest’

The colonial extractive industry has turned the Vaal into a poisoned place

Sars yet to count cost of strike

The two unions that called the strike have accepted an 8% wage increase

Legal clinic is empowering queer communities

The centre is an offshoot of the organisation’s three-year, anti-hate crime initiative

Doccie asks why Dulcie was killed

Chipping away at the mystery around Dulcie September’s death may eventually reveal the truth

Growthpoint BEE scheme fight heads to court

The Johannesburg high court was approached last month to compel Mzolisi Diliza to open the financial books of Miganu Investment Holdings

Municipality’s dodgy sand scandal

Lepelle-Nkumpi allegedly paid millions to illegal miners for gravel to use in major building projects


Could one pill a week end TB?

TB kills more South Africans than any other disease. Now, Tembisa could hold the key to stopping the infectious bug in its tracks

A dictator’s unexpected legacy

Having banned female genital cutting, his ousting may have been good for democracy but bad for women’s bodies


Vaccines alone won’t beat Ebola

It doesn’t matter how effective the medicine is if affected communities don’t trust the people who administer it

Tanzania reconsiders harsh media laws

The East African country’s information minister says he is open to reviewing the controversial Media Services Act


How to compare investment fees

It’s a matter of deciphering the acronyms, but the crouton in the financial alphabet soup is the EAC

Eskom: Is there life after debt?

The government is now considering financial restructuring methods to provide relief

Utility vows to complete Medupi and Kusile stations

The power plants have come in over budget and way behind schedule

Sars has mountain to climb

To increase compliance, government must act on those found guilty of wasting taxpayer’s money

The Republic of Commissions could need just one more inquiry

This destruction of our state entities, as we know, was aided and abetted by the private sector parties that are meant to act as watchdogs

African women must power up

A business conference in Kigali demonstrated that men still rule the business roost, but women made their voices heard


Media freedom too easily taken for granted

South Africans must fight against those who try to encroach on our hard-won freedoms

Cyril better have an ace up his sleeve for Magashule

If the list process has not taught Ramaphosa and his backers not to let their guard down, it is uncertain what will

uBaba’s latest ploy is hard to read

The former president is now bedfellows with Black Label First.
Is he trying to lose the ANC so many votes that Ramaphosa is recalled?

Supporting BDS honours SA struggle

Boycotts and sanctions against Israel are a vote for non-violence, democracy and self-determination

Read Habib’s view with caution, please

Those referred to as “the far-left” in the Wits vice-chancellor’s book raise concerns about its ethics and implications for academic freedom

Men keep taking their lives

They don’t seek help for medical problems in general and when they suffer from depression, it can be fatal

Drugs are not the problem

Drugs and marketing don’t get people addicted; people get themselves addicted

A tale of two countries in uncertain days

It is the best of times, the worst of times, but also the most dangerous of times for South Africa and Britain

Editorial: The marginalised are still muzzled

If you live in Alexandra, Khayelitsha or a thousand other communities where the government has failed to deliver services, you are ignored

Editorial: UCT report is old news

The 81-page report was scathing, illustrating a racist institution that does not take the struggle of black students seriously

Letters to the editor: April 5- 11

Our readers write about the CSIR, the upcoming elections and Ace Magashule


How to make our society kinder

Schools provide a unique opportunity to teach citizens the basics of co-operation and ethics

Gauteng’s education inequality is being addressed

The unequal distribution of resources has implications across various schooling aspects

Simple solutions for SA’s ECD dilemma

Home-based early childhood development centres can provide learning – and work for unemployed women


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this

Vote for parties that live up to promises

Who is likely to ensure I am freer to express discontent while ensuring that I don’t prefer death because healthcare is unaffordable?

Isina Muva liyabukwa

Sjava’s music mirrors the stance of patriarchs who play in the “not all men” territory but present contradictory messages in their work.

Be your queer black self in Brazil

A monthly party sees crowds of up to 50 000 letting their hair down in São Paulo and other cities

Designing a new theory of art

A broader history and market-related education needs to be added to curriculums

South African art yearns for caring conservators

“We live in a culturally rich space, yet most of the time our preservation of it is poor.”

A Black Aesthetic lacks rigour

A Black Aesthetics as being uninventive and politically questionable

Picaresque of 70s hippie punk

Hitting the right notes, a memoir of white kids’ musical rebellion tells of a youth well misspent


Get up, stand up: Jamaica rises

Banyana’s face-off against the Reggae Girlz is an opportunity to leave the Cyprus Cup in the past

Haunting Ghost can’t boost Bucs

Orlando Stadium was a different beast on Monday night for the top-of-the-table clash

Sine’s a gift that will keep giving

South Africa’s newest Protea Sinethemba Qeshile’s rags-to-riches ascension to first-class cricket couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy

Citizen Kermit is back on game

A three-year stint in Europe with almost no game time has matured Kermit Erasmus as he re-emerges with the potential to make City soar




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