PIC man digs himself a deep hole

When Paul Magula testified this week about malfeasance, he should have recalled what he reportedly told the VBS investigators

Corruption allegations don’t count, says Magashule

Magashule said candidates who had been convicted of an offence for which the penalty was more than 12 months in jail had been removed from the list

Lists scandal will haunt Ramaphosa

Internal divisions and his focus on reviving the state have warped the selection of ANC candidates

Pollution kills nine million a year

It’s one of the world’s biggest killers and inextricably linked to global warming

Ex ‘VBS’ mayor wants R38-million

Florence Radzilani is claiming R38-million for defamation, loss of income and reputational damage

Silence surrounds SA doc in Syria

Isis is about to be vanquished in Syria. But its shadow looms large in South Africa

Time running out for Parliament to deal with abuses at spy agency

Arthur Fraser was the director general of the state’s spy agency at the time alleged abuses occurred

Eskom wants its Trillian millions back

Trillian’s stance is that Eskom’s case for corruption against the firm is ‘flimsy at best’

Zuma’s first 100 days on Twitter

Now that he can’t call press briefings the ex-prez has taken to social media with mixed success

Mediation helps to rectify abuse

A prosecutor, alarmed that gender-based violence cases are being withdrawn, has tried another tack

Trespassing fox henpecked to death

The young predator is thought to have entered the henhouse at an agricultural school at dusk last week

Hawks investigate crude oil bribes

Strategic Energy Fund CEO Sibusiso Gamede received R20-million in bribes, a forensic report says

The small town with the big money

Anyone who thinks mining is dead should head to Kathu in the far Northern Cape to find out otherwise

Succession battle harms IFP revival

The Inkatha Freedom Party hopes to benefit from the demise of two other parties in KwaZulu-Natal

Moyane takes his fight with Gordhan to Zondo inquiry

At the centre of the row are the damning findings of the Nugent commission

Slice of life: ‘Hei Café helped me thrive’

‘I found a community that helped me to begin my adaptation in South Africa’

ConCourt to rule on farm tenant claims

The farm tenants won in the Land Claims Court but the Supreme Court of Appeal overturned this

This is why we don’t have water

Protests, corruption, mismanagement — the department explains its failure to deliver water

Hormone drug shortage forces desperate solutions

Depo-Testosterone has been out of stock since December last year, possibly increasing the risk of serious physical and mental health problems

Community reduced to squatting on their ancestral land

A Limpopo property mogul has reduced to rubble the homes of people whose families have lived there for more than 200 years

TRC commissioners demand justice

Former truth and reconciliation commissioners are entering a court battle to see a former policeman prosecuted


No human producer? No problem

A computer has, for the first time, been used to produce an album, but people are still needed for the creative side


When climate change and health collide

A hotter Earth will affect how we eat, how we live, what makes us sick and how we heal.
But is South Africa ready?


The brutal crackdown in Zimbabwe creates a new generation of exiles

Political dissidents who have fled to South Africa face an uneasy, uncertain future

No truth for Gambia’s queer people

Despite the demise of a dictator and a reparations process, no one will speak out


Carbon tax gets a muted welcome

Critics range from those who feel it is too little too late to those who feel they should be exempted from it

Alarm over PIC Bill pressure

Trade unions fear a late bid to stall the legislation but key aspects have come up at the Mpati commission

Slow growth hits lending to SMEs

The number of small and medium enterprises is not growing and venture capital finance is limited

Sagarmatha offered PIC cut-price deal, inquiry hears

When asked whether this was ethical, Lebogang Molebatsi said, unless the arrangement was disclosed to other shareholders, “it would not be correct”.

My colleague’s stake in the Reserve Bank billionaire club

The bulk of the Reserve Bank’s shareholders are individuals,but include trusts, pension funds, unions, a library, and an archbishop

Ports body bungles gas deal

The Transnet National Ports Authority’s failure to act in Saldanha Bay could saddle it with costs

Comment & Analysis

Not a racist? Then do something

Given the inherent benefits all white people enjoy, they have an obligation to actively tackle injustice

Lies, damn lies, and advertising

This is a time when serious journalism is required, ensuring that voters are kept informed

Ethiopia flies high

Some foreign news outlets were quick to revert to racist stereotypes, implying that “African airlines” are somehow less safe than others

What’s in a name?

Naming streets in informal settlements confirms an area’s legitimacy and facilitates service delivery

ANC applies the Ronaldo principle

Trophies trump principle in the cynical game of politics as the game of politics as the election lists remain loaded with Guptarites

Violence raises the urgent need for more health services

South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence inflicted on women and girls in the world

Fix bias in artificial intelligence

AI is only as clever as the data it’s fed and its financing decisions can be distorted by sexist, racist information

Search for ways to stop the landslide

Experts say an area-based approach is needed, but district and local government are not on board

The forgotten cadres are the ANC’s loss

The death of an Eighties student activist reminds us how much South Africa owes to that generation

‘Boys will be boys’ doesn’t cut it

The focus is on empowering girls and women but more needs to be done to raise boys who are not destructive

‘Praise the Lord, I’m a real fat cat’

Why would a pastor who was not only made rich by God but is also presumably protected by God need guard houses?

Mindfulness in schools makes for happier, confident children

A programme is equipping teachers to help vulnerable children to develop essential life skills

Theatre, play and comedy can encourage a love of reading

There is evidence for the power of play to increase the chances of children trying something new

Appropriating knowledge without compensation is a danger

By misreading the production processes behind our country’s body of knowledge, Parliament may have dealt a death blow to these industries


The Weekend Guide

For good vibes and an arts fix, don’t miss this.

Darkness of producing R Kelly

dream hampton talks about making the documentary of the alleged serial sex abuser

The Portfolio: Rafs Mayet

“He had a formidable reputation amongst photographers and would not hesitate to throw you out if you disturbed him onstage”

A call for township theatres

Practitioners say there is a need to reignite the fire that kept community theatre burning

Game to deal with a disorder

A girl from Lenz became a game designer and has made waves globally with her after HOURS

Marrabenta, the pulse of Moz

The music festival has revived the genre and it is now a platform for creative reinvention

Memoir the making of a novel

Ivan Vladislavic explains that being true to the past is not so much about incidents as resonant details


Cricket comes to the aid of East Timor

The struggling young nation needs heroes and two people are hoping to make dreams come true

Steyn leaves an indelible mark

Ever the entertainer, the world-renowned bowler is not quitting the limelight

Zizojik’ izinto for women’s football

Changes are afoot as women’s teams show they’ve got the balls to take on the patriarchy

The great VAR whine begins

The video assistant referee makes things fairer but Fifa needs to address problems it’s raising

Benni love affair puts City in play

The legendary striker has fostered a culture of confidence in his players and the scoreboard reflects that