Response from the North West Premier’s office on Supra story


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THE North West provincial government confirmed that it is in the process of establishing a shared services system in a bid to standardise and consolidate services in the province.
“The province will therefore implement the decision as soon as necessary systems are ready for the smooth implementation of the decision,” it said in a written statement provided on Thursday evening.
It also confirmed that infrastructure budgets will be utilised for shared service centre, adding that it is intended to be a cost-saving facility instead.
It vehemently denied that it was irregularly trying to take control of vast infrastructure budgets of either its provincial departments or municipalities.
The North West government said it has met all legal and Constitutional requirements for implementation of the shared service system and denied that there was any dissent from any of its municipalities on this issue.
This new unit, approved by the Bokone Bophirima Premier’s Coordinating Council (BBPC) –  a structure comprising all municipal managers, mayors, chief financial officers, heads of departments and provincial MECs – will not be located in the Premier’s office, but rather within the provincial department of finance.
“It must be borne in mind that the Office of the Premier has a responsibility to monitor, evaluate and to intervene to ensure that clean governance,” the statement read.

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