The South African Communist Party is holding a two-day imbizo to discuss challenges facing the “national democratic revolution”.

A concept document, seen by News24, says the liberation movement, led by the ANC, has been confronted by many serious challenges which have threatened to split the tripartite alliance.

The document says this had previously been prevented by leaders and members who had defended and upheld its values.

It’s also called for an urgent meeting to “engage openly, frankly and transparently about the state of the national democratic revolution”.

“This capacity to self-correct has been eroded and virtually no longer exists,” the document says.

The SACP, which likened the imbizo to a national consultative conference, speaks of a need to change the movement’s trajectory ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Some in the ANC, including its stalwarts and former Umkhonto WeSizwe combatants, have made similar calls, pleading with the 105-year-old party to self-reflect and renew itself.

The SACP and trade union federation Cosatu have also called for ANC president Jacob Zuma to step down as president of the country.

This has resulted in some friction between the governing party and its alliance partners.

“The challenges that currently beseech the movement present opportunities for introspection and for organisational renewal,” the SACP document reads.

“We are now at a juncture when it is essential, more than ever, for the movement to provide hope to the people of South Africa that the leadership is willing not only to listen but to reverse the harsh conditions under which they live.”

The document lists the sharing of ideas, interventions, and strategic analysis of the alliance as some of the goals of the gathering.

The SACP also warns of the impact an ANC loss in 2019 would have on South Africa and the continent.

“An opposition-led victory in 2019 will have a disastrous impact nationally, but is also of great continental and international concern,” it said. – News24