Samsung pulls the plug on Zimbabwe manufacturing plant

Samsung Electronics will delay its plans to establish the planned manufacturing plant in Zimbabwe because of the limited variety of products and solutions currently offered in the country, with plans to establish a technical workshop instead.

HumanIPO reported last week Samsung had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Zimbabwean Lines Products and Services (LPS) Company as part of its efforts to expand business operations in the country.

Cleo Mathabire, chief executive officer (CEO) at LPS, during the signing of the MoU said the partnership would see Samsung assemble their kits in the country through a US$4 million manufacturing plant.

The Herald reports LPS has said it is too early to establish a plant considering the variety of products they currently offer in the country.

“Line Products and Services is the official distributor of Samsung products,” LPS said. “There are a variety of products on the portfolio that include solar-powered internet schools, smart school solutions, solar-powered health centres, print solutions, and monitoring control solutions.

“With the variety of products and solutions that we have to offer, it is premature to establish a manufacturing plant in Zimbabwe.”

The company however said Samsung Electronics will instead set up a technical workshop to enable service backup and promote the creation of jobs and expertise for local technicians.



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