SA’s Absa suffers online banking downtime

South African bank Absa’s online services went down for almost three hours today, prompting customers to take to social media to complain about recurrent problems.

Earlier today, the bank tweeted to inform its customers of the online banking downtime, saying: “Our digital banking services are offline. We apologise sincerely. No defined timeline on a resolution, our technicians are working on a fix.”

Almost three hours later the bank tweeted again to say normal service had resumed – “We’re back online. Once again, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and are working to ensure that these outages do not reoccur” – but in the meantime faced a large amount of criticism from customers on Twitter.

“Can you please get your infrastructure proper, its been two days now since I can’t access my internet banking,” one user said.

Another tweeted: “Once again, another day of business lost due to Absa internet banking being offline.”

Other customers suggested such downtime was a regular occurrence at this time of the month for the bank.

“I haven’t been to Absa online today, but seeing it is month-end, let me take a wild guess and say it is offline?” said one user.

“Well Well, lets see on 1 July 2014 if you can actually do something. Six months just maybe enough time to fix your systems,” another tweeted.



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