SA’s TollTrack app launches in US

South African management app for e-toll bills TollTrack has been launched in the United States (US), allowing drivers in Orange County to automatically track and log toll costs.

TollTrack was launched in South Africa in January 2013 by entrepreneur Jacques Theyse.

“TollTrackmakes keeping track of a driver’s toll expenses easy and convenient,” said Theyse. “TollTrack is a valuable tool in any US drivers’ app collection and we are looking forward to expanding its feature set to include every toll system in the US.”

The US edition of TollTrack is currently available for Orange County tolls, with additional coverage being included in future updates.

Theyse told HumanIPO he developed the app as he was not getting detailed billing for e-tolls and bank statements only showed him a total monthly cost.

“So I developed Toll Track to automatically track and log my costs,” he said.

Speaking of the US expansion, Theyse said: “Orange County recently moved away from its cash tolling system to introduce electronic tolling on their highways. TollTrack therefore provides OC road users the same benefits as our local market and tied in perfectly with their transition to electronic tolling.”

The app requires a one-off set up process in which the user saves details of the vehicle and payment type. The app then notifies the driver when gantries are passed, logging the trip during the journey and allowing the user to view a detailed log screen displaying all gantries and costs, arranged by month and till type.

TollTrack also allows users to plan trips and calculate costs in advance.

A South African version of the app is available for iOS and Android.

“The anti-e-toll sentiment in South Africa is understandably quite strong, but as drivers use TollTrack they start to realise the true benefits of the app,” Theyse said.



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