SIU goes to court to remove USAASA boss

South Africa’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) has taken a case to court in a move to have Universal Service Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA) chief executive Zami Nkosi removed from his position, according to a report.

The Sunday Independent reports the SIU has also listed former communications minister Dina Pule as a respondent for her role in Nkosi’s appointment.

The investigation unit wants the Pretoria High Court to nullify Nkosi’s contract and force the agency’s board to consider the three shortlisted candidates for the job that were selected in 2012, or re-advertise the post.

HumanIPO reported in March President Jacob Zuma had ordered the probe into “allegations in respect of affairs” at the universal access agency.

The president signed a proclamation at the time authorising the SIU to look into the affairs of the part state-owned agency, which is mandated with providing ICTs access to every South African.

SIU spokeswoman Pearl Banda told the Sunday Independent the case would be heard in August.

The investigation was completed last month but the SIU has been assessing whether USAASA would set aside Nkosi’s contract.

“When it became clear that USAASA would not do so, the SIU had to decide whether it would do so and it took advice from counsel on how best to go about setting aside the appointment,” said Paul Modipa, programme manager at the SIU, in court papers.

According to the SIU Nkosi’s contract is invalid because the appointment was made under advice by Dina Pule, who had no statutory power under the Electronic Communications Act to advise or dictate.

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