Sony Xperia C dual-SIM 5-inch smartphone for R3000

We got some hands-on time with the smartphone Sony wants to use to tackle emerging markets

Sony Xperia C hands-on

Along with the Xperia Z Ultra, Sony also unveiled a new lower-cost smartphone they are calling theXperia C which is set to go on sale in South Africa for below R3,000**** during September 2013.

Not only will the device boast a 1.2GHz quad-core processor (albeit the MediaTek MTK6589 Cortex-A7), but also a 5″ display running at a resolution of 540×960.

It runs Android 4.1, takes two SIMs, and has an FM radio app which like most cellphone-based FM radios uses the headset as an antenna.

Sony SA’s head of marketing, Andrew Fraser, explained that the device was designed with the express purpose of targeting emerging markets and so won’t see release in the developed world.

Fraser said that while R3,000 doesn’t constitute “cheap” in emerging markets, he believed the race to the bottom for a $50 Android phone has seen manufacturers take out the very features that make a phone “smart” in the first place.



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